Taxi driver stands trial accused of sexually assaulting British tourist in Marbella

Driver faces up to five years in prison for the alleged assault in the Costa del Sol town


A Costa del Sol taxi driver faces a five-year prison sentence for the alleged sexual assault of a British tourist in Marbella in 2018. The driver denies the accusation. The trial opened in the Second Section of the Provincial Court on 11 January.

The alleged incident took place on 30 June 2018 when the British woman who is in her 40s took a taxi at the Puerto Banús roundabout shortly before her holiday in Spain was due to end.

According to the woman, she had eaten at a fast-food restaurant and was making her way back to a friend’s house where she was staying when she was approached by the taxi driver who told her his shift had finished and he would drive her home to Estepona for free.

The woman sat in the passenger seat and said that within minutes the driver started touching her inappropriately and grabbing her hand. She told the taxi driver to stop and, according to prosecutors, strongly resisted the taxi driver’s attempts to molest her.

The trip ended near a petrol station. The woman says she was so

frightened she hid behind a wall until the taxi left. When she returned home and told her friend what happened, they contacted the police.

The taxi driver maintains his innocence and said that the woman flagged down his car, began touching him inappropriately and had asked him if he was married. The trip ended because she refused to pay the fare, he said.

The woman told the court via video conference that she stands by her testimony but is not seeking the 2,000 euros in compensation that under Spanish law she is entitled to.