Marbella residents protested against the tree felling last Thursday / Josele

Residents protest against Marbella tree felling

Impulsa Ciudad and Verdes Equo have said that they will take the matter to the European Commission and Parliament


A group of Marbella residents, organised by Red Ecoverde, took to the streets again last Thursday against the felling of trees in the Pilar de Miraflores neighbourhood. Impulsa Ciudad and Verdes Equo, who have joined the protest, denounced the "savage felling" by Marbella town hall and have said that they intend to take the matter to the European Commission and Parliament for "failing to comply with the ERDF [European Regional Development Fund] funds.”

For both organisations, trees in urban areas should be catalogued as green infrastructure that provides quality of life and public health, especially considering the climate emergency.

Each mature and leafy tree, they said, generates an average benefit to the city of 100 euros, absorbs pollutants, CO2 and improves the microclimate by reducing the temperature by up to five degrees, the latter aspect they consider "especially important" in a scenario of increasingly long and hot summers.

For Impulsa Ciudad, "this felling is a continuation of the anti-tree policy" of the current mayor, whom they accuse of having left "her disastrous mark" in other areas of the city such as the Plaza de los Naranjos or Calle Notario Luis Oliver, and they are calling for a tree plan that meets sustainable development objectives.

They say that Marbella town hall, which recently signed up to the commitments of Agenda 2030, as well as the City 21 Programme, the Spanish network of cities for climate and sustainable energy, "Systematically fails to fulfil the commitments inherent in these documents" with the felling of the trees.