The new contactless traffic lights on Avenida Arias Maldonado in Marbella / sur

Marbella installs its first contactless pedestrian crossing traffic light

The device located on Avenida Arias Maldonado is activated automatically on approach to the crossing


Marbella now has its first ‘contactless’ traffic light, which has been placed on Avenida Arias Maldonado by the Florida Sur housing development, "In order to improve pedestrian safety," explained the councillor for traffic and transport, Enrique Rodríguez on Saturday.

It is "on demand" he added, meaning that it is activated automatically as a pedestrian approaches, "without the need to press a button.” In addition, this traffic light will remain green for vehicles "as long as it does not detect the presence of a person.”

Together with this device, the installation of twenty new sound emitters to help people with visual impairments have also been introduced at pedestrian crossings and the replacement of street lighting are some of the 1,849 projects that have been carried out by the town hall since 2021, said the councillor.