The first train to be tested through the city centre tunnel, at Atarazanas station. / sur

Metro line tests begin in Malaga city centre and the service will be in operation in the near future

'Dynamic tests' are being carried out at night so they do not interfere with the Line 1 and 2 services as far as El Perchel


At this point in August, with the Malaga Fair beginning in a few days, the metro was due to be in operation in the city centre, according to the schedule announced by the Junta de Andalucía at the start of this year. However, a delay in carrying out tests has meant that the new underground section will not be running. But at least some of the tests have begun this week on the stretch of metro line into the historic city centre.

These are known as ‘dynamic’ tests, rather than the ‘gauge tests' which have been carried out on the trains entering tunnels and at the new Guadalmedina and Atarazanas stations, which were to check that the trains were correctly aligned with the platforms and tracks.

In this phase the trains interact with the signalling and safety systems which have been implemented by Alstom. At the same time other safety tests will also be carried out on the facilities. These are all being done at night, to avoid interfering with the service on Lines 1 and 2 as far as El Perchel, so the time when they can be carried out is limited.

This is the final phase before the ‘blank run’, when the trains will travel during commercial hours but with no passengers on board. Once everything is proven to work properly, the long-awaited city centre section of the Malaga metro service can be inaugurated.

The first section of the metro system in Malaga came into operation eight years ago, on 30 July 2014. Since then, over 43 million passengers have used the service.