Peka is working with the council to find a solution / SALVADOR SALAS

Malaga city council on the lookout for new parking areas for motorhomes

It follows the problem at the Martin Carpena site when more than 300 vans amassed, and the council is in talks with a caravanning association to try and solve the problem


Having just closed the Martín Carpena Sports Complex parking area to motorhomes, Malaga City Council plans to reopen the door to them, although without specifying how or when.

Following a meeting on 16 February with Peka, a caravanning association, the council has promised to find a formula that allows motorhomes to stay over somewhere in the city, but without repeating the Carpena situation where more than 300 motorhomes amassed.

Options include opening more than one site across the city with better monitoring to ensure motorhomes do not overstay their welcome, but nothing has been decided by Peka and the councillors for Mobility and the Cadiz Highway District, José del Río and Luis Verde, respectively.

"We are studying the possibility of setting up several plots of land," said Del Río without further detail.

“They assured us that work is being done to improve the situation and to look for alternatives, so we will wait to see what they propose to us at the next meeting,” said Peka representative, Alfonso Padilla.

The council ruled that as of Tuesday, 8 February, it is illegal to park overnight at the Carpena facility.

The car park, even though the rules stated that parking was not allowed for more than 72 hours, had become a magnet for motorhomes and vehicles. However, the site started to draw complaints and the council took action putting up signs stating that overnight parking is no longer permitted. Local Police also visited the site to inform the temporary residents of the new measures.