The police found the evidence they needed from CCTV footage. / sur

Police arrest man for stealing boxes and pallets worth 9,000 euros from supermarkets

The suspect was caught after someone called the police to complain that he had piled containers in the street and was blocking the traffic


Police in Malaga have arrested a man for allegedly stealing more than 2,000 boxes and wooden pallets worth over 9,000 euros from different supermarkets in Malaga city. They were alerted by a phone call around 11am on Monday 8 August, from someone complaining that a man had placed numerous plastic containers in the middle of the street and they were blocking the traffic.

When officers from the Local Police force went to the scene, they saw a man loading boxes into a white van. When they asked him what they were, he said they had been given to him by the supermarket delivery drivers and he was taking them to a second-hand shop in Los Asperones to sell them. However, the police were not convinced.

To check his story, one officer was sent to the shop in Los Asperones, but staff said they knew who he was but they had not bought anything from him for some time because they suspected that the items he wanted to sell had been obtained illegally.

Meanwhile, the officers who were with the suspect had seen that one of the boxes bore a label from a nearby supermarket chain, so others went to make enquiries and see if they confirmed what the man had said.

They were told that it was impossible for the delivery drivers to have given him the boxes, and when they checked footage from the security cameras they saw two people removing numerous plastic containers from the premises in the early hours of 5 and 6 August, without authorisation.

Caught on camera

The police say the footage also showed a man and a woman loading the boxes into a white van. The shop management said they suspected that they had also stolen boxes from another branch of the same chain.

The officers then went to that store and checked their security cameras, and saw that the man they had spoken to, who had been loading boxes into a van in the street, also appeared in that footage.

As a result of the investigation, the supermarket was able to recover 1,149 boxes and 173 wooden pallets with a value of around 9,000 euros. Officers also found the suspect to be in possession of another 885 boxes from a different supermarket chain.