The area where the incident happened. / SUR

The two-year-old who fell from a second-floor in Alhaurín el Grande has died

The accident happened after the young girl's mother had opened the window to the balcony a 'very little' to ventilate the house


The two-year-old girl who fell from a second floor in Alhaurín el Grande has died. According to SUR sources, the little girl lost her life in the early hours of this Thursday morning, 17 February, at the Hospital Materno Infantil, where she had been admitted to the intensive care unit.

The alarm was raised at around 2.30 pm on Tuesday, 15 February, when the 112 Andalucía emergency service control room received a call informing that a child had fallen from a building located on Calle Cártama in the Guadalhorce valley town.

When members of the Local Police force, Guardia Civil and 061 health personnel arrived on the scene they found the child's parents and several neighbours completely devastated by what had happened.

The health workers worked to stabilise the little child in the ambulance and took her to the Alhaurín el Grande football field. From there, due to the seriousness of the injuries, she was transferred by helicopter to hospital in Malaga.


The girl's parents, of Moroccan origin, said that the mother opened the window to the balcony of the apartment to ventilate the house. They explained that she opened it ‘very little’ and that she had placed a kind of trunk in front so that the little girl could not access the balcony. However, everything suggests that the little girl found a way around it and tumbled from the balcony.

Her parents said that they went to the kitchen to do something for her and that they lost sight of her for a few seconds. When they returned to the room they realised that the little girl was not there and they began to look for her throughout the house. Then they realised that the balcony window was more open than they had left it and, looking out, they saw the little girl lying on the ground.