File image of Guaro / SUR

Man dies after ladder fall while cleaning his property following the calima

The 61-year-old was apparently trying to pressure wash the red Saharan dust from a building facade in Guaro when he fell from a height of some four metres


A man has died this Thursday morning, 31 March, in Guaro after suffering an accident at his home. Sources consulted by SUR, have said the man was cleaning the recent calima’s red mud from the facade of his house when he lost his balance and fell from the ladder he was working on.

The alarm was raised at around 10.55am when several people called the 112 Andalucía Emergency Service number to report that the man had fallen from a ladder, from a height of about four metres.

Sources have indicated that the man was cleaning the facade of a country house that he has next to an inn on the A-366, which connects the towns of Coín and Ronda. The man was using a pressure washer when he lost his balance and fell. Paramedics and an air ambulance was scrambled to the scene but the health services, finally, could only certify his death.

The deceased, 61 years old, is believed to be a resident of Guaro. In fact, his sister is a PSOE councillor in the town, so the mayor José Antonio Carabantes has decided to cancel the plenary session that was scheduled to be held this Thursday.