Cirque du Soleil sets up in Malaga


Cirque du Soleil has already arrived in Malaga. / SUR

  • The company has to nail down more than 2,000 stakes for its small city, due to be ready by next Friday

The circus is in town, as the old saying goes. The modern Cirque du Soleil has returned to Malaga with a new show, 'Totem'. The show has not visited the Costa del Sol in over a decade.

On Friday morning the assembly of the canvas was completed in the Cortijo de Torres fairground. This was a show in itself, but instead of artists, acrobats and tightrope walkers the event starred more than a hundred technicians and workers equipped with masts and ropes who have been working tirelessly to put up the enormous tarpaulin.

The show begins next Friday 1 June when more than 2,500 spectators will fill the giant tent.

"Building the tent is our way of showing Malaga that we are here," said Javier Pérez González, head of security for the European tour. Last Tuesday, 76 lorries transported 2,000 tonnes of staging from Barcelona to Malaga in preparation.