Tourists in Andalucía spent 7% more this summer than they did before the pandemic, latest figures show

The 11.1 million visitors spent 8.22 billion euros and stayed for an average of ten days in the region's hotels, which was slightly longer than last year

Pilar Martínez

Andalucía received practically the same number of tourists in July and August this year as before the pandemic, but they spent nearly 7% more, according to figures announced in the Andalusian parliament this week by the Junta's Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Arturo Bernal.

Giving an overview of tourism during peak season, he said there had been 11.1 million tourists to the region, which was just three points below the 2019 figure – and that was a record year – and they had spent 8.22 billion euros, an increase of 7% compared with the summer of that year.

Bernal told parliament that the positive figures were the result of “the strength of our destination and the excellence of our professionals and workers,” who had helped to ensure that the sector recovered so quickly from the problems caused by the pandemic.

Arturo Bernal, in the Andalusian parliament. / SUR

He also explained that of the more than 11 million visitors, 72% were Spanish and 27% foreigners. “Andalucía is still the destination of choice for the Spanish market, ahead of the islands and Catalonia and we have started to recover our quota of international visitors, because there was a 9% increase on last year,” he said.

With regard to spending, Bernal said the efforts to focus on the quality of tourists rather than the numbers were paying off. Visitors to the region spent 8.22 billion euros this summer, 32% more than last year and nearly 7% more than in 2019. It means that the amount spent per tourist per day rose by 4.66 euros to 74.79 euros. They also stayed for slightly longer this year, for an average of 10 days, 0.8 days more than in 2021. .

He also made it clear that every province in Andalucía saw an increase in tourism this summer, in terms of numbers of visitors and overnight stays in hotels.