These are the 2023 public holiday dates in Andalucía, approved by the Junta

To the dozen national and regional festivities, two local holidays are added at the request of each municipality


The Junta’s governing council has approved the decree that determines the calendar of public holidays in Andalucía for the year 2023, which establishes 12 national and regional festivities. Two local days are added to these 12 dates at the proposal of each municipality.

As well as the nationally decreed holidays, such as 6 January (Epiphany) and 6 April, (Easter Thursday), the date of 28 February - Andalucía Day - must be added.

The national festivities will be New Year, 1 January; Good Friday, 7 April; Labour Day, 1 May; Day of the Assumption of the Virgin, 15 August; National Holiday of Spain, 12 October; All Saints' Day, 1 November 1; Constitution Day, 6 December; Immaculate Conception Day, 8 December, and Christmas Day, 25 December.

In relation to 1 January, New Year, because it falls on a Sunday, it is moved to the following Monday, that is, 2 January.

Full list for 2023

Therefore the full list of public holidays in Andalucía in 2023 is as follows: 2 January (Monday); 6 January (Friday); 28 February (Tuesday); 6 April (Thursday); 7 April (Friday); 1 May (Monday); 15 August (Tuesday); 12 October (Thursday); 1 November (Wednesday); 6 December (Wednesday); 8 December (Friday); and 25 December (Monday).

To these 12 must be added the two of a local nature that each municipality must propose to the Junta’s Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment within two months from the date of publication of the decree that establishes the 2023 work calendar in the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA).