There are around 1,000 fixed radar speed traps in Spain. / sur

Radar speed traps in Andalucía are among those that fine the most in Spain

The most active of all is on the A-7 in Malaga, which caught a record 48,771 drivers speeding in a year

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Twelve of the radar traps in Andalucía are among the most active in Spain, according to figures from the DGT which show that 2,460,056 drivers all over the country were fined for exceeding the speed limit.

By region, the report from Automovilistas Europeos Asociados, which was published last year, shows that the most active radars are in Andalucía, where 519,254 fines were issued. This was 21% of the total. Next came Valencia, with 317,381 fines (12.9%) and Madrid with 284,281 (11.5%). On the other hand the radars in La Rioja (29,107), Navarra (41,751) and Cantabria (44,138) caught far fewer offenders.

The most active fixed radar in Spain is in Malaga province, at Km. 246 on the A-7, with a record 48,771 cases in 2020. This was 350% more than the previous year (13,927). Second in Andalucía and fourth in Spain was the radar further along the A-7 in Malaga, at kilometre 256, and third was in Seville, at kilometre 10 on the SE-30.

The report also shows that just 50 radars, of the 1,000 or so the DGT uses, were responsible for 38.25% of all cases (941,061). Of those radars, 26 were already on the list of the most active the previous year. The other 24 were in new locations.

The president of AEA, Mario Arnaldo, says “the DGT should rethink its radar speed trap policy, because it is not achieving its aim of preventing excess speed or accidents, so the machines are nothing more than a way of making money”.