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Suspected monkeypox virus cases in Andalucía now number 12

Two more cases have been recorded in 24 hours, but the president of the Junta de Andalucía says there is no reason to be alarmed as treatments are available and the situation is not serious

E.P. Seville

The number of cases of suspected monkeypox virus in Andalucía now stands at 12, having risen by two in the past 24 hours. Seven of these cases are in Malaga province. However, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has advised people to keep calm and not be alarmed by the situation.

“Everything seems to indicate that this virus is spreading in Andalucía and in Spain as a whole,” he said on Wednesday morning, but he insisted there is no need for the population to be alarmed “unnecessarily” because, with treatments available, the incidence of the virus “fortunately is low and therefore it is not serious", he said.

He did, however, urge anyone with a fever or who notices anything unusual about their health to consult a doctor and get tested as soon as possible.

The advance of the virus, Moreno said, demonstrates that “in the global world in which we live, infections and contagion of illnesses of animal origin are going to increase”, so efforts have to focus on preparing the health services for the challenges ahead.

He also pointed out that pandemics are cyclical and experts can’t rule out the possiblity that there could be another in a few years, after the coronavirus. He said a versatile health system is needed, one which is able to respond quickly to circumstances which, “hopefully, will not arise, but which could arise”.

With regard to the suspected cases of monkeypox virus in Andalucía, he insisted that they are few in number and he hoped they would be rapidly controlled.

What is important, he stressed, is that “in the vast majority of cases, with the usual treatment, people are cured and suffer no side effects", and he hopes that the virus will not spread much more and end within a few months.