Juanma Moreno, President of the Junta de Andalucía. / SUR

Andalusian elections expected to be called soon as Juanma Moreno mulls over dates

Moreno is said to want to make the most of the stabilising support for his Partido Popular, and the most likely date to go to the polls is currently set at 26 June


The president of the Junta de Andalucía government, Juanma Moreno, is widely expected to call early elections for the regional parliament in the coming days. The most likely date to go to the polls is currently seen to be Sunday, 26 June, although Moreno said this week that there was no reason not to break tradition and call the election for another day of the week other than Sunday.

The four-year term for the parliament is not up until the end of this year but Moreno is said to want to take advantage of the stablising support for his Partido Popular (PP) party following its recent choice of a new national leader.

The PP is favourite to win elections in Andalucía, but to govern again regionally it would need the support of hard-right Vox. Currently the PP is in coalition with centrist Ciudadanos who are predicted to do badly, according to the polls.