The A400M assembly plant in Seville / sur

Andalucía’s aerospace sector takes off again after the Covid crisis

The industry is showing clear signs of revival and showing a strong commitment to sustainability, as experts confirmed at Spain’s biggest aerospace business event in Seville


The aerospace sector in Andalucía was badly hit by the pandemic, as new orders dried up due to uncertainty about the viability of flights in 2020. Now, however, it has picked up again and is showing a strong commitment to sustainability, as confirmed by experts, professionals and representatives from companies in this strategic sector at the Aerospace & Defense Meetings-ADM 2022 in Seville. It is the biggest business event in the aerospace sector in Spain.

The president of the Spanish Association of Defence, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technology Companies, Ricardo Martí Fluxá, said “the encouraging signs of recovery and growth invite not only optimism, but also the confidence to move forward, focusing on the competitiveness of our products, the sustainability of our industry and the talent of our workers”.

Sustainable air traffic

Martí Fluxá also stressed the industry’s commitment to achieving zero carbon emissions from air transport by 2050, by rationalising operations, incorporating sustainable fuels and developing new technologies base don electric, hybrid and hydrogen energy.

Andalucía is a major hub in this sector and is the second aerospace region of Spain in terms of turnover and employment. It is also a benchmark in Europe, together with Toulouse and Hamburg, as the A400M is assembled here.