Andalucía adds 7,307 new Covid infections and 37 deaths

The region’s coronavirus incidence rate among those over 60 has risen to 533.7 and hospital admissions have gone up


On Tuesday, 10 May, Andalucía reported a total of 7,307 new coronavirus infections since last Friday, of which 3,093 were reported in people aged over 60, bringing the total number of Covid-19 infections in the region to 1,473,217 since the start of the pandemic.

According to the data in the Ministry of Health’s report on the evolution of the coronavirus, the region added 37 deaths in four days - compared to 39 on Friday - which makes the total death toll rise to 13,710 people.

Regarding the current cumulative incidence rate in Andalucía in the last 14 days in people over 60 years of age, this stands, according to the Junta’s IECA, at 533.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, some 9.7 more than four days ago, with the province of Huelva leading with 791.2, followed by Cordoba with 788.3; Jaén with 723.5, Almeria with 596.5; Cadiz with 474.2; Granada with 461.6; Seville with 430.6; and Malaga with 424.9.

By province, Seville is the one with the most positives in the last four days with 1,836 infections, followed by Malaga with 1,177, Cadiz with 995, Cordoba with 808, Granada with 745, Jaén with 649, Almeria with 552 and Huelva with 545.

Of the 37 coronavirus deaths, ten were reported in Seville, seven in Malaga, five in Cordoba, four in Almeria and Granada, respectively, three in Huelva and also in Cadiz and one in Jaén.

More healthcare pressure

The region has registered a rise of 99 patients hospitalised for coronavirus since Friday to make a total of 864, while intensive care unit admissions rose by six to 52 people. The number of Covid patients in hospital has reached the highest figure since the end of February. Specifically, on Friday, 25 February, there were 898 coronavirus patients in Andalusian hospitals.