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30/10/2020 15:42


No point in complaining

I am a great believer in complaining in certain situations. For example, if it helps to improve customer service in general, because we all benefit from that. If I order something online and the delivery company fails to bring it and is impossible

23/10/2020 21:10


New Malaga-Gibraltar helicopter service announced

From the end of this month there will be a scheduled helicopter service between Malaga and Gibraltar on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, operated by Spanish company Hélity which already runs a helicopter connection from Malaga to Ceuta and Alge

23/10/2020 21:07


New anti-Covid restrictions introduced in Gibraltar

With Covid-19 cases rising sharply the Gibraltar government has introduced new restrictions, some of which are 'strongly advised' and others which can be legally enforced. People over the age of 70 and those who are immunosupressed are asked not t

15/10/2020 18:28


Steady rise in Covid-19 cases to the highest number ever in Gibraltar

The number of active coronavirus cases in Gibraltar has risen to a record level in recent days, reaching a total of 88 on Thursday, an increase of ten cases in 24 hours. The numbers may still be low, even for a population of around 34,000, but a few

09/10/2020 16:52


9 October 1238: A special day of celebration in Valencia region

The Valencia region is not as well-known abroad as its neighbour Catalonia and many people are surprised to learn that it is an autonomous region in its own right, but it has an interesting history and part of that has led to 9 October - 'Nou d'Octub

02/10/2020 14:06


Brexit and Covid-19, a potentially "perfect storm"

Gibraltar's deputy chief minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, has said that the combination of Britain leaving the EU and the Covid-19 pandemic have the potential makings of a "perfect storm", the consequences of which will be felt for years to come. Dr Garci

25/09/2020 14:28


A very different look to Christmas and New Year in Gibraltar

The most magical time of the year is going virtual in Gibraltar this winter. Unless the pandemic situation improves and the ban on large gatherings is lifted, the Christmas Festival of Lights, the Christmas attractions in John Mackintosh Square an

25/09/2020 14:23


Online locator form for travellers entering Gib from 'relevant areas'

Passengers flying into Gibraltar who have been in a so-called 'Relevant Area' in the previous 14 days will have to complete an online locator form from now on. This online form replaces the existing manual ones, and the government will use the inform

25/09/2020 14:05


Gibraltar cross-border worker dies from coronavirus

There have been no deaths from Covid-19 in Gibraltar, but this week came the sad news that a cross-border worker, a woman in her 40s who lived and was diagnosed with the disease in Spain, has died. This week 22 people (11 staff members and 11 pupi

18/09/2020 13:01


San Roque Golf to sponsor Gibraltar disability team

San Roque Golf Club has agreed to sponsor a three-person team of disability golfers from Gibraltar at the 2021 edition of the Cairns Cup, a biannual competition organised by British Inclusive Golf for golfers with a range of disabilities from Europe

18/09/2020 12:55


Parliament House in Gibraltar to be restored

Parliament House in Main Street Gibraltar, which was built in 1817, is to be restored to its former glory, including taking back the commercial premises on the ground floor and returning them to their original use. The building began as the Exchan

11/09/2020 16:29


A National Day like no other in Gibraltar, due to the coronavirus

September 10th is National Day in Gibraltar and as anyone who has ever been there will know, it is one hell of a party. Casemates Square filled with crowds dressed in the traditional colours of red and white, the political rally with UK and Gibral

11/09/2020 15:58


11 September 1714: Catalonia's National Day, with a chequered past

It is known as La Diada, the National Day of Catalonia, and nowadays it is a day-long festival which is celebrated enthusiastically on 11 September every year, but it has had a very chequered history. It originated as a commemoration of the defeat

04/09/2020 18:17


Gibraltar retains place in second-highest tax transparency category

Once again Gibraltar has achieved the second-highest OECD rating of 'largely compliant' in the latest Peer Review of tax information exchange carried out by a team of OECD Global Forum expert assessors. This places Gibraltar on the same level as the

28/08/2020 14:22


Further new Covid-19 restrictions now in force in Gibraltar

On Wednesday evening the Gibraltar authorities announced that further anti-Covid measures would come into force today, Friday 28 August. The number of active cases of the virus has been steadily increasing in recent days and was 67 on Wednesday, but

21/08/2020 13:25


Gibraltar increases restrictions as coronavirus cases rise

As of today, Friday 21 August, everyone over the age of 11 in Gibraltar must wear a mask inside shops and stores unless they have a medical condition or disability which exempts them from doing so. Masks are recommended for children under 11 as we

14/08/2020 19:02


Gibraltar hopes for ambitious EU relationship post-Brexit

Deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia, who holds the Brexit portfolio for the Gibraltar government, has chaired a meeting of the Brexit Strategic Group to discuss further the situation should the UK and EU fail to reach an agreement by the end of th

14/08/2020 17:21


14 August 1598: Seville's Casa de la Lonja opens for business

Many people will have heard of the Archive of the Indies in Seville city, a very famous building, but perhaps not so many are aware that its history dates back to 1598, during the reign of King Felipe II, when it was built as a market where merchants

03/08/2020 20:30


Easyjet resumes flights from Bristol to Gibraltar

To the relief of many who travel regularly to and from the UK, the Easyjet airline announced earlier this week that it would be resuming flights to Gibraltar from Bristol from Sunday, 2 August. The flights are scheduled to run on Tuesdays, Thursdays

31/07/2020 20:47


Gibraltar delays Unlocking the Rock due to Covid-19 situation

The Gibraltar government will not go ahead and 'Unlock the Rock', marking the end of the restrictions in force because of the coronavirus crisis, on 1 August after all. At a briefing on Monday, chief minister Fabian Picardo announced that Gibralta

24/07/2020 16:45


Gibraltar Finance to partner Hackathon

Gibraltar Finance, the government's business development arm, is to be an official partner in the Post-Covid Hackathon, a global online initiative to bring together a number of teams and create new open-source solutions to overcome the health, econom

24/07/2020 14:37


New governor gets out and about on the Rock

The new Governor of Gibraltar, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, has been busy getting to know the local facilities and meeting residents in the few weeks since taking up his post. This week he made an official visit to the air terminal as part of his

24/07/2020 14:36


Gibraltar reports active Covid-19 cases again after none for days

On two occasions in recent weeks the Gibraltar authorities have reported no active Covid-19 cases for several days running, but once again the virus has been detected on the Rock albeit in very small numbers. So far three recent cases have been cr

24/07/2020 12:08


24 July 2013: 79 killed in Spain's worst train crash in 40 years

Wednesday 24 July 2013 had been a perfectly normal day until 8.41pm, when a passenger train from Madrid Chamartín to Ferrol, in Galicia, derailed a few kilometres outside Santiago de Compostela. The entire train, consisting of eight carriages, one

17/07/2020 15:47

What to do | Gibraltar

Art vs Covid-19 collective exhibition now in Gibraltar

An exhibition called Art vs Covid-19 which has been organised by the Masa-UK Art Gallery in Bury, GreaterManchester, can now be seen at the Fine Arts Gallery in Gibraltar until 25 July. The aim of this project is to show how art brings people toget

13/07/2020 18:06


Upper Rock attractions reopen after Covid-19 closures

Most of Gibraltar's attractions reopened last week following the coronavirus lockdown, including the famous cable car. The Nature Reserve and Upper Rock attractions are open from 9am to 7.15pm, and the Skywalk is open from 9am to 9pm. Visitors

10/07/2020 16:20


EU Commission approves Gibraltar business measures

The European Commission announced this week that it had approved the umbrella measures taken in Gibraltar to support business and employment during and after the coronavirus pandemic, a move which was welcomed by the Gibraltar government. The Gibr

10/07/2020 16:13


Two arrested over suspected money laundering

Gibraltar police, in a joint cross-border operation with the Spanish Guardia Civil, arrested two local people on suspicion of money laundering earlier this week. The suspects, who are husband and wife, have been released on police bail. The arre

27/06/2020 14:53


Gibraltar's Skywalk to close for repairs from 29 June

The famous Skywalk is due to be closed from Monday 29 June until 8 July so repairs to the glass platform can be carried out. Douglas Path will also be closed during the same period. The Skywalk is 340 metres directly above sea level with breathtak

27/06/2020 14:45


Gibraltar's new Governor visits the Health Authority

The new Governor of Gibraltar, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, paid a courtesy visit to St Bernard's Hospital and the Primary Care Centre this week. After meeting the Minister for Health and Care, Paul Balban, Principal Secretary Evelyn Cervan and t

27/06/2020 14:42


No new coronavirus cases reported in Gibraltar in over a week

From Wednesday 15 June there have been no active cases of Covid-19 in Gibraltar, and the number of people in self-isolation had dropped to nine by yesterday, Thursday. Figures issued by the government showed that so far 11,864 people have been tes

26/06/2020 18:13


26 June 1987: Jesús Gil y Gil takes over at Atlético Madrid

On 26 June 1987, Jesús Gil y Gil was elected president of Atlético de Madrid football club. In those days his name was not as famous - or notorious, would be a more accurate description - as when he was mayor of Marbella, but his was a character whic

18/06/2020 09:37


Gibraltar reports zero active Covid-19 cases for first time

Wednesday 17 June 2020 was a red-letter day for Gibraltar, as it was the first time the daily Covid-19 statistics showed that there were no active cases on the Rock. There was no change to the figure on Thursday, either, but the government was quick

15/06/2020 11:35


Gibraltar's new governor arrives to take up his post

The new Governor of Gibraltar, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, arrived on Wednesday 10 June to move into his official residence, The Convent, and take up his post. He was welcomed at the airport by chief minister Fabian Picardo, the acting Governor

15/06/2020 11:32


Gibraltar Police Commissioner announces retirement

The Police Commissioner in Gibraltar, Ian McGrail, announced on Tuesday that he is retiring after 36 years in the police service. In 2006, he became Gibraltar's youngest ever Chief Inspector and took up the post of Commissioner two years ago, in M

15/06/2020 11:21


Officials from Gibraltar, UK and Spain discuss post-Bresit issues

Officials from Gibraltar, led by the chief minister, held a preliminary meeting with UK and Spanish officials in Malaga on Tuesday last week, to discuss matters affecting Gibraltar and Spain and the EU post-Brexit, such as mobility and citizens' righ

11/06/2020 11:08


Gibraltar border reopens to official residents on both sides

Official residents of Gibraltar and Spain are now able to cross the border again, following direct contact between the chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, and the Spanish Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, as announced by the Gibra

29/05/2020 19:47


Gorham's Cave is out of bounds for visitors

Following two incursions this week by kayakers into the Gorham's Cave complex, which is a protected World Heritage Site, the authorities have issued a reminder that it is an offence to land on Governor's Beach and/or access the caves. The penalties r

29/05/2020 19:29


The silver lining in the Covid-19 cloud

Coronavirus has become a dreaded word for people all over the world but, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and some good has come out of the Covid-19 crisis in the shape of eight-year-old Jake Torres from Gibraltar, who has written

29/05/2020 13:04


Eight cross-border workers test positive for Covid-19 in Gibraltar

Testing for coronavirus which is being carried out in Gibraltar has detected several cross-border workers who have proven positive, most of them employed in the care sector. This is now reflected in the daily figures issued by the government, showing

22/05/2020 17:10

LifeStyle | Gibraltar

22 May 1940: Gibraltar is evacuated in the Second World War

It is a largely unknown fact that during WW2 the British government decided to turn Gibraltar into a fortress to stop Hitler and Franco seizing it, and ordered all women, children, the elderly and infirm to be evacuated to make room for the troops.

22/05/2020 16:34


Gibraltar museum's virtual Open Day was a great success

The Gibraltar National Museum may have been closed, but nothing was going to stop it holding its annual Open Day and the virtual version proved a huge success. On the day its Facebook site had a reach of 15,745, which was 152 per cent up on the pr

22/05/2020 16:24


New Governor of Gibraltar appointed

It was announced this week that the new Governor of Gibraltar is to be Vice-Admiral Sir David Steel KBE, DL, who will be taking up his new post in June. Sir David retired from a full career in the Royal Navy as a Vice Admiral and as Second Sea Lor

22/05/2020 16:22


Gibraltar continues to ease the lockdown restrictions

With the number of active Covid-19 cases down to low single figures for some time, Gibraltar is now taking further steps to 'Unlock The Rock' from the strict restrictions which have been in force for over two months. Phase 2 of the plan began on Mo

15/05/2020 18:24


Art in Gibraltar can be enjoyed by all online

Art lovers need not feel deprived by the lockdown restrictions as online tours are now available of the Mario Finlayson National Gallery, with special interviews and commentary. The tours can be accessed at 11am on Fridays via the Gibraltar Cultura

15/05/2020 13:38


Gibraltar plans to test entire population for Covid-19 antibodies

The Gibraltar government looks set to become the first in the world to test its entire community for antibodies to Covid-19. The testing will be carried out by consent but the greater the number of people who agree to the simple blood test, the mor

08/05/2020 12:47


Gib government's plea for people to shop sensibly

With shops as crowded "as Christmas" according to some reports following their reopening this week, the government has called for people to shop sensibly and comply with the lockdown, as restrictions are still in force. Police officers are to patro

08/05/2020 12:38


Gibraltar aims to go greener with some roads closed to traffic

Encouraged by the drop in air pollution since the coronavirus lockdown began and the fact that the amount of traffic on the roads has reduced considerably, the government is planning to close some more roads as part of its efforts to make Gibraltar g

30/04/2020 21:10


Over-70s now allowed to exercise outdoors in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar government has relaxed its lockdown rules for the first time since they came into effect over a month ago and made provision for people over the age of 70 to take exercise outdoors if they so wish. Several places have been allocated

24/04/2020 19:00


Gibraltar draws up cautious plans to start easing lockdown

The Gibraltar government is planning a gradual easing of the lockdown measures which were introduced a month ago, as the coronavirus statistics show few new cases and a high recovery rate. However, it warns that the easing of restrictions will have t

18/04/2020 21:27


Advice for travellers to and from Gibraltar

British Airways is still running flights into Gibraltar from UK but the government is warning British travellers not to try to enter Spain across the land border from Gibraltar unless they are legally resident and have documentation to prove it. O

16/04/2020 21:29


Easter eggs delivered to local pensioners

This is a difficult time and there may be a lockdown in force but Easter just wouldn't seem like Easter without chocolate eggs and any residents of the four 'pensioner estates' in Gibraltar who were worried about missing out found their fears were un

09/04/2020 20:32


Another cruise ship calls in to Gib for fuel and supplies

Cruise liners are banned from Gibraltar at present, with the only exception being those carrying no passengers that make a technical call for fuel and supplies. The latest ship to do so was the Star Flyer, which came on Wednesday. As usual, the cr

09/04/2020 20:30


Gibraltar is getting greener with new trees

Different areas of Gibraltar have benefited from new trees and plants recently as part of the government's Green Gibraltar initiative. The most recent additions are two Tipuana trees along Rosia Road promenade and almond trees, oleanders and rosem

09/04/2020 20:26


Gib chief minister sends out messages to the Queen and Boris Johnson

The chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, sent a message to the Queen after her televised message on Sunday evening, saying her speech had been gratefully received "as we too rally together and brave this storm to protect our loved ones". H

09/04/2020 20:16


Gibraltarian generosity comes to the fore to fight coronavirus

As in other countries, the people of Gibraltar are in lockdown and have to stay at home unless essential. However, this does not mean they are remaining passive in the fight to stop the Covid-19 virus. Health minister Paul Balban announced this we

03/04/2020 19:04


Vandals blamed for damage Moorish castle lighting

The iconic Moorish castle in Gibraltar is illuminated in blue every evening in tribute to the health workers and essential services, but on Tuesday night some of the lighting didn't appear to be working and when technicians went to investigate they d

03/04/2020 15:00


Cruise ship calls in to Gib on for fuel and supplies

The cruise liner Viking Sea made a short visit to Gibraltar on Wednesday to take on fuel and supplies and dispose of waste. This was a purely technical call, as the ship was carrying no passengers and the crew were not permitted to disembark due t

03/04/2020 14:53


Message of support for Gibraltar from UK prime minister

UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, who tested positive for coronavirus after suffering symptoms recently, has sent a message pledging support for Gibraltar. In a letter to the chief minister, Fabian Picardo, dated 28 March, he said additional suppl

03/04/2020 14:48


Field hospital ready as Gibraltar mourns possible virus victim

It was announced with great sadness on Thursday that a man in his fifties who had died in Gibraltar may have been suffering from coronavirus, but test results were pending so the authorities were unable to confirm whether the virus had been the cause

27/03/2020 17:53


Gibraltar under social lockdown to control the coronavirus crisis

In what he described as the hardest decision he had ever had to make in his political career so far, Gibraltar's chief minister, Fabian Picardo, announced on Sunday afternoon that a "total social lockdown" would begin from 12.01am on Tuesday, because

23/03/2020 10:31


Gibraltar goes into "total social lockdown" from Tuesday

In what he described as "the hardest decision I have had to make in my political career so far", Gibraltar's chief minister announced on Sunday afternoon that a "total social lockdown" will come into force at zero hours on Tuesday (24 March), for an

20/03/2020 18:41


Cruise liner coming to take on fuel

Cruise ships are no longer able to visit Gibraltar, but the World Dream will be coming on Saturday 21 March for a purely technical call. The ship is carrying no passengers and the crew will not be permitted to disembark, nor will shore-based staff

20/03/2020 18:37


Flights cancelled due to travel restrictions

Easyjet cancelled its flight from Bristol to Gibraltar on Thursday, apparently because of a lack of demand for the service. The airline also contacted passengers due to fly to or from Gatwick and Manchester to say their flights have been cancelled

20/03/2020 18:32

Gibraltar | What to do

Gibraltar Museum now has virtual posts online

The Gibraltar National Museum may have closed its doors to visitors because of the coronavirus but it is still possible for those anyone who is interested to enjoy the history, archaeology, heritage and natural history of the Rock online, thanks to i

16/03/2020 14:07


Gibraltar government advises residents not to travel to Spain

Things have been changing very rapidly in Gibraltar this week, as the government keeps up to date with developments regarding the coronavirus situation. On Wednesday, the government advised those over 70 and anyone with chronic health conditions t

13/03/2020 12:32


13 March 1861: First railway opens between Seville and Cadiz

Travel and the transportation of goods in south-west Spain became much easier after 13 March 1861, when the railway line between Seville and Cadiz was inaugurated. The project had been planned some years earlier but it turned out to be problematic as

06/03/2020 14:29


Multimillion pound upgrade to Marina Bay

Marina Bay is about to have a major upgrade, including an expansion to the marina with new Marinteck pontoon berths, 144 high-end rental apartments in a complex called Marina Club and new infrastructure with enhanced facilities. The number of berths

06/03/2020 14:29


Gibraltar steps up action after first coronavirus case confirmed

A case of coronavirus, or COVID-19, was confirmed in Gibraltar on Tuesday and the authorities stepped up their actions to try to prevent the risk of the illness spreading. The patient's identity has not been revealed to protect his privacy, but it

06/03/2020 14:28


Gibraltar Roadshow in Edinburgh

Easyjet flights between Edinburgh and Gibraltar are due to begin on 31 March and the Gibraltar Tourist Board held a roadshow in the city's Balmoral Hotel on Tuesday to showcase the attractions of the Rock. This was the fourth roadshow, following succ

14/02/2020 18:42


Jack's Law to apply to all parents whose child dies

The two-week bereavement leave for parents who lose a child is to be extended. The regulation originally applied to parents of children aged under 18, or those who suffered a stillbirth from 24 weeks of pregnancy, but the government recognises that

14/02/2020 15:40


Gibraltar Drama Festival dates announced

The 2020 Drama Festival will take place from Monday 16 to Friday 20 March at the John Mackintosh Hall. There will be 11 plays, and performances begin at 7pm each day. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the John Mackintosh Hall from Wednesd

14/02/2020 15:38


Spirit of Discovery cruise ship asked not to call at Gibraltar

The Spirit of Discovery cruise ship, which was due to visit Gibraltar on Saturday was asked not to do so and to continue its journey to Southampton after its captain warned that there were 89 suspected cases of Norovirus among the 868 passengers and

07/02/2020 16:37

Gibraltar | Education

Staff at three Gibraltar schools accredited as Climate Change teachers

Seven teachers at Bayside, Westside and St Bernard's Upper Primary schools have now been accredited as Climate Change teachers. The course includes topics such as climate change science, gender and the environment, children and climate change, cit

07/02/2020 15:36


7 February 1992: Maastricht Treaty signed by EC members

On 7 February 1992, Spain and Britain were among the 12 members of the European Community to sign the Treaty on European Union, informally known as the Maastricht Treaty after the Dutch city in which this took place. The other EC members at the time

31/01/2020 18:51


Brexit brings a different flag but no immediate change for Gibraltar

The people of Gibraltar will wake up on Saturday morning and find the EU flag no longer flies on the Rock, having been replaced with the Commonwealth flag instead. That, however, should be the only difference they notice, says the Gibraltar governmen

17/01/2020 12:10


Upper Rock picnic sites revamped for spring

Two picnic sites on the Upper Rock are now ready for the warmer spring weather. The one at Jews' Gate, at the lower entrance to the path leading to Mediterranean Steps, has been refurbished, and a new area with tables and benches has been created

17/01/2020 12:08


Call for information about poisoned gulls

The Environment Department is asking people to come forward if they have any information about the deaths of a number of yellow-legged gulls who appear to have been poisoned. It is illegal to kill any wild birds on Gibraltar, including gulls, and

17/01/2020 12:06


RGP appoints LGBT liaison officer

The Royal Gibraltar Police has appointed PC Allan Bartram as liaison officer for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. He will wear rainbow epaulettes on his uniform and raise awareness among colleagues and promote understanding ab

10/01/2020 13:36


GibSams awareness campaign now on public transport

Information posters about the Gibraltar branch of the Samaritans, GibSams, are being displayed on buses and bus stops as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the service it provides. GibSams have a confidential helpline offering a listening ser

10/01/2020 13:34


Entries invited for competition for young local artists

Entries are invited from Gibraltar residents attending years 9 to 13 in local schools or local artists aged up to 24 for the Annual Art Competition for Young Artists. The closing date is 6pm on 14 February. Entries must be original and previously

10/01/2020 13:33


Christmas tree recycling scheme launched on the Rock

Those with real Christmas trees to dispose of can do so in an environmentally-friendly manner by taking them to the Civic Amenities Facility in Europa Advance Road. The trees, which would not survive in the local climate if planted, will be shredde

03/01/2020 13:56


Performer dropped from Reggaeton festival

After a public outcry, Spanish singer Original Elias was told just hours beforehand that he was no longer welcome to perform at the Reggaeton Festival last Friday. The decision came after the artist posted a video on social media which included th

03/01/2020 13:50


Gifts donated for children in need

A campaign by the World Trade Center to help underprivileged children at Christmas received a tremendous response from the local community. This annual charity campaign resulted in the donation of 480 gifts from members of the World Trade Center and

03/01/2020 13:49


Gibraltar Attorney General appointed CMG in Queen's New Year Honours

The Attorney General, Michael Llamas, is among three Gibraltarians to feature on the Queen's New Year Honours List. Mr Llamas has been appointed as a CMG (Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George) for services to Gibraltar, while Debbie Bor

31/12/2019 13:31


From Julen to Franco, a review of some of the year's news stories

As 2019 comes to an end, we thought we would take a look back at some of the stories that made the headlines in SUR in English during the year. January Tragedy strikes as little boy disappears down a bore hole The tragic story that gripped an e

30/12/2019 20:51


Women in Business amalgamates with GFSB

The members of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses have voted unanimously at a recent EGM to unite with the Women in Business Gibraltar association, which was founded in the 1990s as The Gibraltar Business Network. Following approval of t

30/12/2019 20:45


Gibraltar prepares for Brexit with meetings in Madrid

With the United Kingdom and Gibraltar preparing to leave the European Union on 31 January, technical talks have been scheduled in Madrid on the 14th and 15th between officials from Gibraltar, the UK and Spain. These preparatory talks will be with

27/12/2019 20:53


GibSams, there to help in the festive season

Many people struggle with loneliness and different problems at Christmas and New Year, but Gibraltar has its own branch of the Samaritans, GibSams, who are there to help. The hotline number is 116 123 (the same number as UK) and it offers a comple

27/12/2019 20:48


Gibraltar represented at COP25 in Madrid

Environment minister John Cortes attended the 25th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Madrid recently, not only to represent the Rock but as Political Lead of the UK Overseas Territories, representing their governments in the UK delegatio

27/12/2019 16:32


27 December 1703: England and Portugal sign a Port Wine Treaty

The Methuen Treaty, or Port Wine Treaty, as it became known, was signed between Portugal and England in 1703, during the early years of the Spanish War of Succession, to establish trading relationships between the two countries. At the beginning o

20/12/2019 16:50


Santa raises funds for Wobbles Children's Charity

Santa's Grotto and other events at Ocean Village have raised over £2,200 for the Wobbles Children's Charity, during a magical eight-day Christmas festival. Founder Frankie Hatton said Wobbles was thrilled at being chosen: "As a children's charity,

20/12/2019 16:48


The Rock to see in the New Year in style

Gibraltar will be seeing in the New Year in style, with live music starting at 10.30pm in Casemates Square on Tuesday 31 December and continuing until 3am on New Year's Day. The entertainment includes a spectacular firework display at midnight, and

20/12/2019 16:47


Gibraltar government files criminal complaint against Vox in Spain

The government announced on Wednesday that it has begun legal proceedings against the Spanish far-right party Vox for inciting hatred towards the people of Gibraltar, including statements urging violent action. It says Vox is abusing the right of f

20/12/2019 16:42


GibAir issues apology for Easyjet luggage mix-up

GibAir has apologised after Easyjet passengers' luggage was accidentally loaded onto the wrong planes last Sunday. The bags for the Gatwick flight were put into the hold of the plane heading to Manchester, and vice versa. Passengers were reunited

13/12/2019 15:50

Classical concert kicks off 2020 in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Philharmonic Society is organising the New Year's Concert at the John Mackintosh Hall on Tuesday 7 January at 8.30 pm. Tickets cost £20 and are available from Sacarello's Coffee Shop in Irish Town, the Silver Shop at 222 Main Street,

13/12/2019 15:49


Preparatory works begin on the recreational area at The Mount

Preparatory works are about to begin for the project to turn The Mount into a green area, resembling the Commonwealth Park but with woodland and in the south of Gibraltar. It will become a recreation area with a research and discovery park, and the p

13/12/2019 15:47


Guided tours of Alameda Gardens to continue next year

The Alameda Gardens tours will continue on the last Saturday of each month (except December) next year, starting at 10.30am from the George Don Gates. The guided tours of these fascinating botanical gardens, which also have an interesting history,

13/12/2019 15:45


Easyjet to start Gibraltar-Edinburgh flights

The Easyjet airline has announced that it is to begin direct flights between Gibraltar and Edinburgh from late March next year, and this will be the first connection between Gibraltar and Scotland. There will be two flights a week, all through the

10/12/2019 10:58


Zero tolerance towards drink-driving in Gibraltar this Christmas

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) are cracking down hard on drink-driving with a special pre-Christmas campaign which includes the warning that drivers can still be under the influence of alcohol the morning after a night of heavy drinking. In a ha

03/12/2019 13:19


Winter Party in Town and Festival of Lights

The Christmas lights in the town centre were due to be switched on last Friday but due to the bad weather it was decided to incorporate the Festival of Lights into the Winter Party in Town on Saturday afternoon and evening, instead and what a truly s

03/12/2019 13:14


Gibraltar sends tax transparency message at OECD meeting in Paris

The chief minister Fabian Picardo, financial secretary Albert Mena, commissioner for income tax, John Lester and finance centre director Jimmy Tipping attended the 10th anniversary meeting of the Global Forum of the Organisation for Economic Cooperat

29/11/2019 10:53


GFSB Business Innovation Award

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses has announced the opening of applications for next years GFSB Business Innovation Award sponsored by Gibtelecom. The application form can be found on the Awards page at and needs to be submi

22/11/2019 16:10


Three years restoring memory in Jimena

There is a saying that from little acorns great oak trees grow, and that certainly seems applicable to the Casa de la Memoria La Sauceda, in Jimena de la Frontera, Cadiz province, which has just celebrated its third anniversary. This information ce

22/11/2019 15:18


22 November 1975: Juan Carlos I is made King of Spain

On 22 November 1975, two days after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco, Prince Juan Carlos was sworn in as King of Spain. Franco had ruled with an iron hand for 36 years, after winning the 1936 to 1939 civil war, so this was a turning poi

22/11/2019 10:56


Chief minister meets with president of the Mancomunidad

The chief minister and deputy chief minister of Gibraltar held a meeting with the president of the Mancomunidad de Municipios of the Campo de Gibraltar, Juan Lozano, on Wednesday morning. The meeting took place at No 6 Convent Place, the seat of t

15/11/2019 16:23


Canadian High Commissioner pays visit to Gibraltar

The High Commissioner of Canada, Janice Charette, was in Gibraltar on a fact-finding visit this week. She was welcomed at the airport by deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia, who is responsible for relations with the Commonwealth, and held meetin

15/11/2019 16:21


Winter Party in Town returns to Casemates next Saturday

This year's Winter Party in Town returns to Casemates Square on Saturday 23 November, starting with children's activities at 4pm and music and dance performances from 4.30pm until late. This event offers fun for all the family, and the headline ban

15/11/2019 16:16


Gibraltar lays wreath at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday

Gibraltar was able to lay a wreath for the first time at the UK's National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall last Sunday, and the honour of doing so was given to Dominique Searle MBE, Gibraltar's Representative to the United Kingdom

15/11/2019 15:55


Gibraltar government congratulates PSOE but has a warning for Vox

The PSOE party gained the most seats in last Sunday's general election in Spain, but lost three seats compared with the last election in April and still does not have a majority in parliament. The result was no surprise, as pre-election polling had i

01/11/2019 13:22


Gibrlatar's National Archive celebrates 50 years

An exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Gibraltar National Archive will be taking place at the Fine Arts Gallery from 5 to 23 November. The exhibition, which is organised by the present archivist, Anthony Pitaluga, will be accompa

01/11/2019 13:07


Sky Princess makes first visit to Gibraltar

The Sky Princess cruise ship is currently on her maiden voyage and Gibraltar was one of the stops on her itinerary this week. The ship set off from Athens and will finish its cruise in Rome on 3 November. Gibraltar's new minister for Tourism, Vija

01/11/2019 13:05


Some Gib locals can vote in upcoming UK election

British citizens who moved from the UK to Gibraltar in the past 15 years will be able to vote in the British general election on 12 December. They can register to vote in the UK as an overseas voter as long as they are a British or eligible Irish

01/11/2019 12:57


Gibraltar to hold abortion referendum on 19 March

The government announced this week that it will propose, in a motion to be tabled in the first session of the new Parliament, that the date for the referendum on legalising abortion will be Thursday 19 March 2020. This will be a vote on the comme

25/10/2019 15:44


Mayor of La Línea and Gibraltar's chief minister hold discussions

Juan Franco, the mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, visited Gibraltar on Thursday for a meeting with newly re-elected chief minister Fabian Picardo and members of the government, including Dr Joseph García, deputy chief minister and leader of the Li

25/10/2019 15:44


Picardo wins Gibraltar general election

The GSLP-Liberals have won the General Election in Gibraltar that took place on Thursday. The party led by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has been voted in for a third four-year term with 52.5 per cent of the votes. Picardo received the highest number

18/10/2019 10:29


Anti-Brexit protest planned in La Línea

A long-planned anti-Brexit protest in La Línea is still expected to go ahead tomorrow (Saturday), even though the British government and the EU say they have reached agreement over a new withdrawal deal. British MPs will have to approve the deal if i

14/10/2019 17:35

What to do

Art and style in Jimena de la Frontera during the month of October

The small and picturesque village of Jimena de la Frontera in Cadiz province, just half an hour's drive inland from Sotogrande, is the focus of arts and crafts this month with an exhibition starting on Friday 11th October and a fascinating and innova

02/10/2019 17:12


Spanish man dies in collision with Customs vessel off Eastern beach

A Spanish man died in a tragic incident off Eastern Beach on Monday, when his boat was involved in a collision with a Customs vessel in the middle of the night. The Royal Gibraltar Police have named the man as 42-year-old Alfredo Morodo Gutiérrez, a

20/09/2019 14:49


Gibraltar's Mount is to become a public leisure area

The Mount, the home of Major General Sir William Green in the 18th century, is to become a leisure area for the public to enjoy, with event and wedding facilities, an adventure park and a Discovery Centre. There has been considerable interest in t

20/09/2019 14:42


Gibraltar goes to the polls on 17 October

The General Election in Gibraltar will take place on Thursday 17 October, the same day as the European Council meeting which is expected to be very important for the future of Brexit. Anyone who is eligible to vote in Gibraltar should bear in mind

13/09/2019 11:44


13 September 1961: Royal engagement announced

It was a happy day for many in Spain, 13 September 1961, because the engagement was announced between Prince Juan Carlos de Borbón and Princess Sophia, the daughter of King Paul of Greece and Frederica of Hanover. The couple and their families were p

13/09/2019 10:44


Gibraltar, red, white and proud as always on National Day

September 10th is a day no Gibraltarian ever wants to miss, the official National Day and a public holiday, when people dress in the Gibraltar colours of red and white and gather to reinforce their commitment to self-determination and celebrate being

06/09/2019 15:20


September, a mega month of music to get Gibraltar rocking

It's music, music, music and some very famous names all the way in Gibraltar this month with a series of major events, many of which tie in with the Celebrations around National Day, which is on 10 September. On Tuesday, 3 September the Gibraltar

06/09/2019 14:14


Safety concerns are raised at new comprehensive schools in Gibraltar

There have been calls from the Teachers Union, opposition politicians and students themselves on social media to delay the start of the school year in Gibraltar's two new comprehensive schools, due to concerns that there is a rush to get them ready o

31/08/2019 11:58


International Song Festival on 12 October

The Gibraltar International Song Festival is taking place on 12 October at the Tercentenary Hall with a record-breaking number of entries from over 27 countries. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the GISF is one of the most important fe

31/08/2019 11:56


Police recover body from the sea

Officers from the Royal Gibraltar Police recovered the lifeless body of an adult man from the sea approximately 1.5 Nm off Europa Point on Wednesday afternoon, after being alerted by the Gibraltar Port Authority. The man has not yet been identifie

31/08/2019 11:53


Gibraltar university prepares to offer maritime training

The minister with responsibility for the university and for the port, Gilbert Licudi, recently held a meeting with Kathryn Neilson, a director of the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB), as part of the preparations for the maritime training courses w

23/08/2019 13:11


Spinal surgery is now available in Gibraltar

Patients with a painful spine condition caused by osteoporosis can now be treated in Gibraltar, thanks to a new surgical service launched by the Gibraltar Health Authority. Previously, patients and their families had to travel to the UK for the pr

23/08/2019 12:32


Traditions or torment?

Ferias are a bit like Marmite - you either love them or hate them, and in my case I have gone from one extreme to another. In my younger days I'd have been there, dancing the night away and sipping sherry as if there were a lagoon of it that had to b

23/08/2019 12:26


Gibraltar government calms fears after Yellowhammer report

Following the publication by the Sunday Times of a leaked UK government report into the consequences of a no-deal Brexit, the Gibraltar government quickly issued a statement saying that it wasn't what it seemed. The report, part of Operation Yellow

16/08/2019 15:12


Water bottle refill points are installed in town centre of Gibraltar

The AquaGib water company has provided two water bottle refill points in the town centre, one outside the police station in Casemates Square and the other in the Piazza, by the kiosk opposite Matalan. This is another way of reducing the use of pla

16/08/2019 15:10


More artists announced for Gibraltar Calling music festival

Two more artists have been announced for the Gibraltar Calling Music Festival at the Europa Point Leisure Complex on 7 and 8 September. Those attending can look forward to seeing Killer Queen, the longest-established tribute band to Freddy Mercury

16/08/2019 15:05


New car-shaped bicyle rack is installed in Europort Road, Gibraltar

The Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning has installed a new-style car-shaped bicycle rack at Europort Road, an area that has fast become Gibraltar's main cycling hub. The frame is in the shape of a car, as a reminder that up to ten bicycles

16/08/2019 15:01


Gibraltar releases Grace 1 despite US request to detain it

The Supreme Court in Gibraltar decided on Thursday afternoon to release the supertanker Grace 1, which had been detained on 4 July because it was believed that the ship was carrying crude oil to a refinery in Syria and thereby contravening EU sanctio

09/08/2019 15:47


Duty to be removed on wooden tableware in Gibraltar

The government has announced regulations to remove all duty on cutlery and tableware made of wood. This is to encourage people to use alternatives to plastic and is in addition to the legislation that has already been introduced, banning a wide ra

09/08/2019 15:44


Teatro Lírico Andaluz returns in autumn

Dates for the diary for lovers of operetta: October 2nd and 3rd, when the popular Teatro Lírico Andaluz will be performing 'La Dolorosa' at the John Mackintosh Hall as part of the Autumn Cultural Programme. The performances begin at 8pm and tickets,

02/08/2019 12:47


John Mackintosh Hall set for major transformation

The government has scrapped plans to turn the old Queen's Cinema into the Gibraltar National Theatre and decided to convert the John Mackintosh Hall instead. In an announcement this week, it was revealed that the central core of the John Mackintosh

02/08/2019 12:45


Gibraltar Crystal to close this month

It has almost become an institution on the Rock, but the Gibraltar Crystal shop in Casemates Square has announced that it is closing down at the end of this month. However, lovers of their beautiful hand-crafted items now have the chance to snatch

02/08/2019 12:41


Firefighter in Gibraltar becomes British Champion again

Matt Coulthard has been crowned British Champion at the Firefighter Challenge for the second time, and says he was thrilled to have represented Gibraltar and competed for the British title. The challenge is organised for charity and replicates the

02/08/2019 12:33


US Congress members on two-day visit

A delegation of five Members of Congress of the United States of America arrived in Gibraltar for a two-day visit on Wednesday. It follows the trip to Washington made by deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia earlier this year, and was organised t

24/05/2019 14:38


Open Day raises £1,500 for wildlife park project

The Alameda Wildlife Park's first-ever open day outside the park raised over £1,500. The event was held in Ocean Village last Saturday and children flocked to the animal learning enclosure to see the rabbits, tortoises, cockatoos and reptiles.

24/05/2019 14:36


Fears of job losses as bet365 chooses Malta

The leading betting and gaming company bet365 has announced that it is to relocate some of its operations to Malta, where it has held a licence since 2015. The company says it plans to maintain a presence in Gibraltar, but there are fears that the

24/05/2019 13:19


Gibraltar artist accepted for Royal Academy exhibition

'Rock of Ages', a work by Gibraltar artist Paul Cosquieri, has been selected for the prestigious 2019 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. Approximately 13,000 works were submitted this year, but only 700 were accepted. The summer show is the

24/05/2019 12:58


Gibraltar goes to the polls for the EU elections

Electing the members of the European Parliament is still quite a novel experience for voters in Gibraltar, because although the Rock joined the EU (EEC) with the UK in 1973, its people were not able to vote in EU elections until 2004, and then only a

12/04/2019 17:32


Full Gibraltar Spring Festival programme now available

The programme of events for the Spring Festival, which runs from 1 May to 20 June, has now been announced. A full run-down can be obtained from the Cultural Department, but in the meantime these are a few of the many highlights coming up soon. The

12/04/2019 15:04


Ambitious garden city project planned inside Gibraltar's port

Plans were announced this week for an ambitious new development within Gibraltar harbour, west of Coaling Island and in Port waters, which will be called Victoria Keys. The project will involve creating 60,000 square metres of new land, using mate

12/04/2019 12:45


12 April 1931: Local elections led to the Second Republic

On 12 April 1931 local elections were held in Spain for the first time in years, and the result - a landslide victory for republicans and left-wing parties - changed the course of history. The number of seats on each council was determined by the

05/04/2019 17:41


Gibraltar acquires drone for aerial imagery

The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Climate Change in Gibraltar has acquired a drone which will be used for terrestrial and marine mammal monitoring, renewing and updating the aerial imagery of Gibraltar with new Orthophoto (geospatially

05/04/2019 17:36


Gibraltar International Song Festival postponed

The Gibraltar International Song Festival, which is open to composers and authors worldwide and was due to take place at the Tercentenary Sports Hall on 18 May, has had to be postponed. The organisers say the decision was regrettably necessary but

22/03/2019 14:40


Operational and safety tests carried out at LNG Terminal

All operational and safety systems at Gibraltar's new liquefied natural gas power station are currently being tested, as part of the terminal's on-going commissioning programme. One of the tests, which was successfully carried out on Sunday, was of

22/03/2019 14:37


Students from Leiden university to take part in Gorham excavations

Excavation works at the Gorham's Cave World Heritage Site, which was the last known home of the Neanderthals, are due to begin again in early May and students from Leiden university in the Netherlands will be taking part. This year the excavations

15/03/2019 12:41


Change of flags in Gibraltar to mark Commonwealth Day

The Commonwealth flag could be seen flying in Gibraltar last weekend instead of the EU flag, to commemorate Commonwealth Day. In the past, the Commonwealth flag was only flown outside No. 6 Convent Place, but last year it was decided to make the c

15/03/2019 12:36


Ice Age Europe Now exhibition on view in Gibraltar

An open-air photographic exhibition on the theme of Ice Age Europe is now on view at Commonwealth Park, Gibraltar where it will remain until the end of May before continuing its European tour. The exhibition was officially opened by Professor John Co

15/03/2019 12:30


Gib delegation travels to Jamaica on twinning visit

The mayor of Gibraltar travelled to Kingston, Jamaica, this week, with the Minister for Culture, Steven Linares, and the rector of St Theresa's Church and the Shrine of our Lady of Europe, Father Charles Azzopardi, to consolidate the Twinning Agreeme

15/03/2019 12:26


HMS Duncan on a short visit to Gibraltar

HMS Duncan was in Gibraltar on Thursday, for a routine logistics visit. This impressive Type 45 destroyer recently sailed from her home port in Portsmouth for a six-month operational deployment. Initially she will be operating in the Mediterranean

08/03/2019 12:51


8 March 1977: The UN day for women's rights and world peace

The United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day in 1975, which had been designated International Women's Year, but it was in 1977 that the General Assembly invited member states to designate 8 March as the UN Day for women's rights and

01/03/2019 15:08


1 March 1712: Spain's National Library opens in Madrid

It was Felipe V, the first Bourbon king of Spain, who created what is now the country's National Library, although when he opened it in 1712 it was known as the Royal Library. He did so with two reasons in mind: to encourage ordinary people to study,

01/03/2019 15:07


Two detained at Gibraltar airport with fake IDs

Officers from Gibraltar's Special Branch arrested two Albanians at the airport on 20 February, following suspicions over flights which had been booked to the UK. They were detained before boarding a flight to Manchester. One of the men, aged 50, was

01/03/2019 15:05


Gibraltar Young Artists exhibition now open

Entries for the Gibraltar Young Artists competition can now be seen at the John Mackintosh Hall, on weekdays from 9.30am to 9pm until 8 March. Forty-one artists submitted a total of seventy-nine works for the event. The Ministry of Culture prize

01/03/2019 15:04


Charity padel tournament raises funds for Childline

World Trade Center Gibraltar and Regus have raised over £300 as they held their first ever charity padel tournament in aid of Childline. The event demonstrated fantastic community spirit, with 32 players participating from different companies in th

01/03/2019 15:03


Gibraltar Museum acquires 18th-century Henry Cowper watch

An 18th-century gold watch signed by Gibraltarian goldsmith Henry Cowper has been acquired at auction by the Gibraltar National Museum, beating numerous other bidders and finally buying the beautiful piece for £5,334. Henry Cowper is probably bett

05/02/2019 19:09


UK and Gibraltar object to 'colony' reference in draft EU legislation

Along with the good news on Friday that the EU would allow short-term visa-free travel to British citizens in the event of a No-Deal Brexit, as long as this is reciprocal, there was an unpleasant surprise for Gibraltar. The draft EU document stated t

25/01/2019 18:16


LNG tested in Gibraltar homes for the first time

In an exciting step forward in terms of energy, households in Gibraltar have used electricity generated by Liquefied Natural Gas for the first time ever. For the half-hour between 11.45am and 12.15pm last Saturday, Engine No5 generated power and f

25/01/2019 18:14


Gib international chess festival gets under way

The Gibraltar international chess festival began on Tuesday 22 January, and will continue until Thursday 31st. Several star players are competing for the £25,000 first prize, including top seed Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, the sixth best player in the

25/01/2019 18:11


Helicopter flights round the Rock from May 1st

The Norwegian company Fonnafly will be starting helicopter flights around Gibraltar on 1 May, as an added attraction for tourists, especially cruise passengers. The company, which began operating in Norway in 2004, will be deploying one EC130 helicop

18/01/2019 16:01


18 January 1977: Cause of Legionnaires' disease discovered

On 18 January 1977 two scientists at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, USA, put an end to a mystery which had been puzzling society for months. Dr Charles C. Shepard and Dr Joseph E McDade discovered what caused Legionnaires' disease, an

11/01/2019 10:39


The 'Rowing Marine' sets off on an epic journey from Gibraltar

Stormy days lay ahead but Lee Spencer, the 'Rowing Marine', was all smiles before setting off from Ocean Village on Tuesday for an epic journey, rowing solo and unsupported to Venezuela. Lee, a former marine who lost a leg in an accident, is raisin

11/01/2019 10:37


Picardo and Garcia in London Brexit talks

Chief minister Fabian Picardo and deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia spent two days in London this week for meetings related to Brexit. The discussions included preparations for a no-deal Brexit in the event that the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement is

11/01/2019 10:35


Kidney transplant patient returns home

The first patient from Gibraltar in 15 years to undergo a kidney transplant in the UK has now returned home after recovering from the surgery, which was carried out at the Hammersmith hospital. Once the patient, who has not been named, was told a

11/01/2019 10:31


Increased energy efficiency on the Rock

Despite all the Christmas lights in Gibraltar over the festive season, energy consumption in the town area fell by 24.7 per cent last year, compared with 2017. The Christmas illuminations now use LEDs and their consumption is 72.39 per cent lower

08/01/2019 10:48


Longer opening hours at modern art gallery

Opening hours at the Modern Art Gallery in Montagu Bastion are to be extended from 14 January. On Tuesdays and Thursdays after that date the exhibitions can be seen from 11am to 6pm, while on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the gallery will be ope

08/01/2019 10:46


Gibraltarians receive New Years Honours

Three Gibraltarians have been named in the New Years Honours list 2019. Richard Mifsud has been awarded the Queen's Police Medal for services to policing in Gibraltar, and Assistant Commissioner Richard Ullger the Overseas Territories Medal (OTM),

08/01/2019 10:43


Gibraltar International Song Festival entries

Entries for the Gibraltar International Song Festival, which takes place on Saturday 18 May this year, can be submitted until the end of this month. Composers from all over the world are invited to submit previously unpublished works, and further

29/12/2018 12:02


A look back at the Gibraltar news in 2018

2018 was dominated by Brexit, but other things did happen on the Rock, as this round-up shows. January Sir Joe and Susana DÍaz It was a happy start to the year in Gibraltar, with news that former chief minister Joe Bossano had been awarded

21/12/2018 09:42


Mayor's Awards presented to six people and one charity

Seven local men and women were presented with a Mayor's Award by the mayor of Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino Lopez, at a special ceremony at City Hall on Wednesday. Lance Corporal Conway has been given the Mayor's Silver Award in recognition of his act

14/12/2018 10:46


Upskirting to be made a criminal offence

Upskirting - taking a photo under a person's clothing without their knowledge or permission - is not currently a criminal offence in Gibraltar, but that is about to change. The government wants to introduce legislation to make it a specific sexual of

14/12/2018 10:40


Gibraltar plans a ban on sale of energy drinks to under-16s

CHAMP (Children, Healthy and Active! Multi-agency Programme) launched its third phase of planned events recently, as a way of encouraging children in Gibraltar to lead a healthy lifestyle. The winter phase of the programme, called 'A Winter of Fes

07/12/2018 12:35


Lee Spencer, 'The Rowing Marine', sets off on an epic challenge

Lee Spencer, known as 'The Rowing Marine', is back in Gibraltar to prepare for his latest challenge. On Wednesday 12 December this former Royal Marine plans to set off from the Rock and row 3,800 nautical miles, solo and unsupported, to South America

07/12/2018 12:32


Gib prepares for its Winter Party in Town next weekend

Anyone who wants to get into the festive party spirit can do so in Casemates Square next Saturday, 15 December, when this year's Winter Party in Town event takes place. The celebrations begin at 4pm, and are aimed at all the family. The theme is '

07/12/2018 10:40


British artist wins National Print Award

The National Print Awards ceremony has just taken place at the Marbella Print Museum (MGEC), where the winning works are now on display, and there was especially enthusiastic praise from the judges for British artist Roderic Stokes. His creative geni

30/11/2018 11:29


30 NOVEMBER 2000: Elche palm grove became a World Heritage Site

Many people believe only historical buildings can be classified as Unesco World Heritage Sites, but the Elche date palm grove, known as the 'Palmeral de Elche' in Spanish, proves them wrong. This enormous plantation of date palms is the only one of

30/11/2018 10:20


Sparkling Christmas at Ocean Village

Christmas started in style at Ocean Village this week, with a visit by Santa Claus on Tuesday evening accompanied by Disney Princess Cinderella, Star of PJ Masks and Catboy and his friendly elf for the ceremony to switch on the blue and white Christm

30/11/2018 10:17


Jazz Festival in St Michael's Cave

Ronnie Scott will be presenting the Gibraltar Jazz Festival in St Michael's Cave on 8 December and it promises to be a glittering evening with some of the greatest talent on the UK jazz scene, and a special performance by world famous vocalist Georgi

30/11/2018 10:14


Cannabis seized after high-speed chase

In the early hours of Tuesday Customs officers were involved in a high-speed chase, pursuing a suspect boat, a high-powered RHIB, whose occupants began to throw packages overboard as they tried to get away. Once the RHIB had left Gibraltar waters

23/11/2018 10:56


Christmas Festival of Lights tonight

The Christmas Festival of Lights takes place this evening (Friday 23rd) in John Mackintosh Square, starting at 6pm with live music performances, carol singing and dancing. The Christmas lights will be officially switched on at 7.30pm, and an artisa

23/11/2018 10:54


Busy week for Customs Officers

In the past week Customs Officers from Gibraltar, working in conjunction with other agencies, have taken part in a number of operations which have resulted in the seizure of a vehicle, a boat, communications equipment and over £17,000 worth of cigare

02/11/2018 14:34


Gibraltar Literary Festival this month

As some of the events coincide, it is a good idea to obtain tickets in advance to avoid disappointment, either online at or from the festival ticket office at the Garrison Library, which opens from 10am to 4pm Mondays to

02/11/2018 14:32


An environmentally friendly Christmas in the Mayor's Parlour

Everyone knows that Gibraltar has a strong interest in the environment and protecting the planet, and that every little can help. The mayor of Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino Lopez,is applying that philosophy to the decorations for the Christmas tree in t

02/11/2018 14:28


Cyber Centurion Club on STEM shortlist

The Bayside School Cyber Centurion Club, represented by four students from Bayside and Westside, has been shortlisted for a Stem Inspirational Award. Previous winners include BAE systems, Cisco, RAF, Siemens and the University of St Andrews, so thi

02/11/2018 14:25


Changes to residential parking zones

The government is to make improvements to Zones 1 and 2 of the Pilot Residential Parking Schemes as part of an ongoing monitoring of the success of the new system. Full details of the parking schemes are included in an information booklet which ca

26/10/2018 19:45


26 October 1863: International Red Cross movement was founded

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement began as the result of one man's inspiration for a kinder world. That man was Henry Dunant, a Swiss businessman who was appalled when he witnessed the suffering of those injured in the Battle of

26/10/2018 14:17


MEPs updated on Brexit progress at the European Parliament

In the future, Gibraltar may possibly want a deeper relationship with the European Union, deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia told the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week. He was speaking in response to questions from the Green/EFA MEP wor

26/10/2018 14:15


Gibraltar participates in the Eurafrica Trail once again

The 2018 edition of the Eurafrica Trail is to include Gibraltar as an integral part of the experience once again. This is the only mountain race in the world to be held between two continents and three countries, and it has been confirmed that the Gi

26/10/2018 14:13


Exhibition to mark 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War

Thursday marked the opening of a special exhibition at the John Mackintosh Hall to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. It includes photographs, films and different items on display, some of which have been loaned by members o

05/10/2018 14:22


Theresa May confirms support for Gibraltar at Tory conference

British prime minister Theresa May visited the Gibraltar reception at the Conservative Party conference this week, the first time any prime minister has done so. In a speech welcoming Mrs May, chief minister Fabian Picardo thanked her for her clear a

05/10/2018 14:17


Post office tours on World Post Day

Tuesday 9 October is World Post Day and to mark the occasion the post office in Bishop Caruana Road will be offering two guided tours of its facilities, at 4pm and 6pm. World Post Day, which has been celebrated for 49 years, raises awareness of th

05/10/2018 14:14


The new Notre Dame school is now open

The new Notre Dame school in Laguna opened on Thursday, and parents and anyone else interested in seeing the new facility are invited to visit next week. The arrangements for this will be announced later. The modern school includes spacious classr

05/10/2018 14:03


Gibraltar History Lectures continue at the university

The fifth series of Gibraltar History Lectures begins at the university this month, with a talk by Dr Geraldine Finlayson, Director of Heritage and Environmental Services at the Gibraltar National Museum, on 'Gibraltar's Medieval History'. The firs

28/09/2018 16:03


Further top level talks between Gibraltar and UK over Brexit

The chief minister, Fabian Picardo, and deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia held another meeting in London to discuss Brexit on Wednesday, this time in Downing Street with Dominic Raab, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, and Pa

28/09/2018 16:01


Survey ship HMS Echo visits Naval Base

HMS Echo arrived at the Naval Base in Gibraltar for a routine scheduled visit on Wednesday. The Echo is the first of two multi-role hydrographic survey ships commissioned by the Royal Navy. The other survey vessel of this type is her sister ship,

24/09/2018 15:59


Rock for all tastes and ages at Gib festival

Decades ago, there used to be a saying: "Be there or be square." Well, if anyone wasn't at the MTV Gibraltar Calling Music Festival last weekend, that saying could definitely apply. However, they could be forgiven for not realising that in this case

21/09/2018 11:38


'Pawsitive' therapy for mental health patients

Some patients in the Sunshine Ward at Ocean Views Mental Health Facility are now enjoying 'Pawsitive Pet Activity', a type of pet therapy. They are visited by two Chihuahuas, Ant and Dec, once a week, and it is hoped to expand the service in the near

21/09/2018 11:28


MTV Music Festival this weekend

MTV Presents: Gibraltar Calling, formerly known as the Gibraltar Music Festival gets under way today. The Rock will be rocking to the music of famous names and up-and-coming artists for the next two days. This is a time when the whole of Gibraltar

21/09/2018 11:10


Pro and anti-abortion campaigns stepped up

The debate continues into Gibraltar's anti-abortion laws and whether they should be changed. Members of the 'No More Shame' pro-choice group are collecting signatures on a petition asking the Gibraltar government to decriminalise abortion, while t

18/09/2018 14:24


New Notre Dame School is now finished

The Gibraltar government has announced that the new Notre Dame School is now completed, apart from some external works and landscaping which were slightly delayed by recent bad weather. The school is now being handed over to the Department of Educa

14/09/2018 20:35


14 September 1964: Birth of what is now Spain's largest trade union

When the Franco dictatorship began after the Spanish Civil War in 1939, trade unions were banned, their assets were confiscated and militants were jailed, executed or repressed. In place of the unions, the regime created what were known as 'Sindicato

14/09/2018 14:26


'The Zone', a safe space for young people

A pilot project for young people is due to open on Tuesday at the Youth Centre in Line Wall Road. "The Zone" is a safe space where they can talk about issues which may be affecting them and explore solutions and coping strategies to enable them to

14/09/2018 14:23


Customs arrest man for cigarette smuggling

Customs officers on a routine patrol in Gibraltar arrested a Spanish man who was carrying a "commercial quantity" of cigarettes on board a boat leaving the Ocean Village marina around midday on Thursday. The crew of the Customs boat Tango II becam

11/09/2018 14:18


Theresa May stresses support for Gibraltar on National Day

September 10th is National Day, probably the most important event of the year for the people of Gibraltar and especially so this year, as it was the last time it was celebrated with Gibraltar as part of the EU. Sir Joe BossanoINFOGIB It was red an

07/09/2018 18:02


Environment Department tests new Seabin system

The Department of the Environment is currently testing the first Seabin system in the Small Boats Marina, with a view to reducing the amount of plastic pollution in the water. If effective, it is hoped that Seabins will be deployed in all Gibraltar's

07/09/2018 18:00


Gibraltar prepares for a fun-filled National Day on Monday

September 10th is National Day every year, when people dress in Gibraltar's colours of red and white and enjoy a day packed with entertainment and activities, most of them taking place in the emblematic Casemates Square. It was decided a few years

07/09/2018 14:43


Anger as athletes are told they cannot represent Gibraltar

Four of the five athletes from Gibraltar who were due to take part in the World Masters Championships in Malaga boycotted it after being told they would have to compete as 'neutral' instead of representing Gibraltar, and would not be permitted to wea

24/08/2018 14:18


Cardboard boat race raises more money for charity than ever before

This year's cardboard boat race, which took place as usual in Ocean Village, has broken all records in terms of takings with a massive £7,757.74 which will be donated equally to the Gibraltar Cardiac Association and the GBC Open Day Appeal. The ev

17/08/2018 13:53


Spanish authorities express regret over incidents at Gibraltar border

The Spanish government's representative in Cadiz province, José Antonio Pacheco, has apologised for incidents which occurred during a protest by National Police and Guardia Civil officers near the Gibraltar border last Wednesday, and has accused some

27/07/2018 13:46


Chief minister speaks about Brexit and the Campo de Gibraltar

If anyone doubted the close relationship between Gibraltar and the area of Spain closest to it, or the friendship between Gibraltarians and their nearest Spanish neighbours, they would only have had to attend the University of Cadiz Summer Course on

20/07/2018 14:21


Last release of Gibraltar Calling music festival tickets

It's not very long now to the MTV Gibraltar Calling music festival, which takes place at the Victoria Stadium on 21 and 22 September, but those who wish to attend will have to purchase their tickets soon with tickets selling quickly. The organisers

20/07/2018 14:20


More Redibike stations now in use in second phase of rental scheme

It is now one year since the Redibike scheme was launched as part of the Sustainable Transport Plan, enabling people to pick up a bicycle in one part of the town and return it in another. The most popular bicycle stations have proved to be at Market

20/07/2018 14:18


The Marella Explorer cruise ship makes inaugural visit to Gibraltar

The Marella Explorer, the latest addition to the Marella Cruises fleet, made her inaugural visit to Gibraltar on Wednesday, although she had previously visited the Rock under her former guise of Mein Schiff 1. The ship has had a multi-million pound

06/07/2018 15:10


HMS Duncan visits Gib on her way home

HMS Duncan is due to arrive in Gibraltar today, 6 July, for a routine engagement visit. This Type 45 destroyer has just completed a very successful seven-month deployment as flagship of NATO's task group in the Black Sea and Mediterranean. She ha

06/07/2018 15:08


Gilbraltar's biggest Christmas Lottery so far

It may only be July but the government has announced that this year's Christmas Draw will be the biggest yet. It will take place on Tuesday 18 December at 7:30pm. The 100,000 tickets, on sale now, will cost £20 per full ticket, and the top prize wi

06/07/2018 15:04


Look out for new purple jellyfish flag

From now on Gibraltar's beaches will fly a purple flag to indicate that jellyfish and/or other dangerous marine life are known to be in the area. If you see a purple flag, it doesn't mean swimming is prohibited if sea conditions are suitable, but e

06/07/2018 15:02


New Calpe House facility for Gibraltar patients opens in London

All sponsored patients from Gibraltar who are sent for medical treatment in London will be able to stay at the new Calpe House in future. This new facility in Norfolk Square was officially opened by the patron of Calpe House Ltd, Sir Joe Bossano, who

29/06/2018 15:13


New Indie act to premiere at MTV Gibraltar Calling

The organisers of the MTV Gibraltar Calling music festival have announced that SOUR, described as the hottest new act to shake up London's musical landscape, are to play their first live show at this year's event. The band's frontman, Connar Ridd,

29/06/2018 15:11


Gorham's Cave in Gibraltar is becoming famous worldwide

The Gorham's Cave Complex in Gibraltar, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, is becoming increasingly famous around the world thanks to recent high-profile TV coverage. A team led by the Gibraltar Museum recently began another season of excavations

29/06/2018 15:10


Six fixed speed cameras are now in operation on Gibraltar's roads

Two more fixed speed cameras have been installed in Gibraltar, bringing the total to six. The latest additions are in Queensway and Waterport Wharf Road. All six fixed speed traps are now equipped with rear facing cameras which will capture any mot

22/06/2018 14:47


New dolphin protection zone in Bay of Gibraltar dduring tuna season

A dolphin protection zone has been set up in part of the Bay of Gibraltar and the practice of 'popping' for tuna, which can seriously injure dolphins is not permitted in waters approximately to the north of Rosia Bay. The bluefin tuna season contin

22/06/2018 14:44


Gibraltar Calentita Night programme

Anyone who loves good food and a good time should head down to Casemates Square tomorrow (Saturday 23rd) from 7pm for the Calentita food festival. This will be an evening packed with delicious gastronomy, cookery demonstrations, dance performances

22/06/2018 14:42


Harmony G calls in to Gibraltar

The megayacht Harmony G paid its first visit to Gibraltar this week. She is one of five operated by Variety Cruises, a Greek company whch specialises in small-ship cruising. As usual with inaugural visits, there was an informal plaque exchange cere

22/06/2018 14:41


Gibraltar, Barbate and Isle of Man at 33rd National Special Olympics

The 33rd Gibraltar Special Olympics have been taking place this week and it has been a very special event indeed. The opening ceremony took place on Wednesday evening, attended by the Governor, Lieutenant General Ed Davis , chief minister Fabian Pica

15/06/2018 13:43

What to do

Jimena festival of the Arts

From Friday 22 June to Sunday 1 July the village of Jimena de la Frontera will be filled with colour, art and entertainment as the VI Festival of the Arts takes place. This year's event is extra special: 2018 marks the 250th anniversary of the start

15/06/2018 13:29


Warming up for the 'Calentita' food festival

Not long now until 'Calentita', the gastro-festival which grows bigger and better every year. The date to remember is Saturday 23 June from 7pm onwards, when Casemates Square and the nearby area are filled with stalls selling delicious food from many

15/06/2018 13:29


Extended opening hours now in force for Upper Rock tourist sites

The World War II Tunnels at Hay's Level and O'Hara's Battery (including the interpretation centre), are now open seven days a week from 9.30am to 7.15pm. This means that all the tourist sites within the Nature Reserve now have the same opening hour

08/06/2018 13:51


Improvement works are continuing around the Rock

Gibraltar's Environmental department has provided an update on its ongoing repair and improvement works across different locations. So far, they say, stones have been removed from Eastern Beach, rocks from the shore at Little Bay and sand has been de

08/06/2018 12:00


Sharing a wealth of cultural experience

If anyone fits the description of a 'true European', it is Marcus von Wachtel; with a Hungarian father, British mother and Spanish nationality, he has worked and travelled extensively in Europe and elsewhere and now divides his time between Madrid an

01/06/2018 14:27


Plans to remember 50th anniversary of Gibraltar border closure

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the closure of the land frontier between Spain and Gibraltar on 8 June 1969, the culmination of a series of events by the Franco regime which was designed, but failed, to bring Gibraltar to its knees. The bor

01/06/2018 14:26


Improvements planned for Gibraltar beaches

Further to the works at Camp Bay, improvements are also being carried out at other beaches, including Little Bay and the northern end of Catalan Bay, Eastern Beach and Western Beach. The works include repairs to storm damage, sand regeneration and ge

01/06/2018 12:50


A glimpse into the world of artists

Anyone who likes art should take note that the second part of the annual Open Studios event is taking place in the pretty village of Gaucín, in the Serranía de Ronda, this weekend. It is well worth a visit. One of the joys of this event is that it

01/06/2018 11:58


Book crossing day on Saturday

This year's book crossing event will take place on Saturday 2 June from 11am to 2pm in the lobby of the Parliament building in the Piazza, Main Street. Children and adults are welcome to bring and take books that others have 'released', to "make the

01/06/2018 11:55


BA launches new Gatwick route

British Airways has now begun a new service to Gibraltar from London Gatwick. The new route came into operation on 25 May, and the first flight to arrive was given a traditional welcome at the airport. This service will run until 30 September. The

25/05/2018 12:00


Electric vehicle charging stations in Gibraltar

Mid-Town car park now has electric vehicle charging stations in two purpose-built parking bays, and additional ones will be brought into service as demand increases. As a promotional offer, the service is currently free for holders of a resident ID c

18/05/2018 13:19


Cross-party British delegation visits Gibraltar to discuss Brexit

A cross-party group of UK parliamentarians arrived in Gibraltar on Wednesday for a two-day working visit to discuss Brexit and the negotiations regarding Britain's withdrawl from the European Union. The delegates were Robert Goodwill, Conservative

18/05/2018 13:17


Open Day at The Gibraltar Museum on Saturday

The Gibraltar Museum is holding its annual Open Day tomorrow, Saturday 19 May, between 10am and 6pm. This year's theme is 'Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics. As always, there will be plenty of fun activities, and also the first c

11/05/2018 11:47


$10,000 of items for children in need

The mayor of Gibraltar presented $10,000 worth of items to St Martin's School and the Rainbow Ward at St Bernard's Hospital this week. At her investiture the mayor, a former Miss World, had announced that Julia Morley, on behalf of Beauty with a Purp

11/05/2018 11:45


Deputy chief minister talks Brexit with US Members of Congress

Deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia paid a two-day visit to Washington this week, meeting Republican and Democratic members of Congress and officials on Capitol Hill, including those involved in foreign relations. Despite it being a whistle stop v

04/05/2018 13:42


School pupils learn about sun safety

Children from St Bernard's First School took part in a sun safety project in Commonwealth Park this week, thanks to a joint activity between the Education Department and Skcin, a UK skin cancer charity, which aims to reverse the soaring rates of skin

04/05/2018 13:39


Gibraltar's air quality criticised but government puts it into context

The latest report on pollution from the World Health Organisation, issued this week, showed that more than 40 towns and cities in the UK are at, or have exceeded, the air pollution limits set by the WHO; it mentioned Gibraltar in the section of those

04/05/2018 13:37


Gibraltar charity donates equipment to A&E

The Gibraltar Health Authority now has a sophisticated 'Point of Care' analyser for its A&E department, donated by local charity Reseach Into Childhood Cancer (RICC). The equipment is used for paediatric patients who need a blood test to determine th

28/04/2018 18:52

What to do

Open Studios event returns to Gaucín in May

When the month of May arrives, it is time to head to the beautiful white village of Gaucín, in the Serranía de Ronda, for the Art Gaucín Open Studios weekends which have become a well-known fixture of the art scene in Andalucía. INFORMATION What: A

27/04/2018 13:55


Significant drop in carbon emissions for third year running

Figures released by the Gibraltar Electricity Authority this week show that carbon emissions dropped by nearly six per cent last year, from 161,358 tonnes in 2016 to 152,287. This was the third consecutive year that the emissions dropped, and there h