Luis García Montero will be participating in the recitals. / EFE

Aromas of poetry and music fill the streets of Vélez-Málaga

The three events will feature recitals from local and national poets as well as live performances from local bands

Jennie Rhodes

From this evening, Friday 20 May, and into June, Vélez-Málaga will be hosting Damas de Noche - Aromas of poetry and Music in the street’.

The name of the outdoor poetry and music event is inspired by the aromatic night blooming jasmine, which flowers at this time of year.

In total, there will be three dates, the first of which will take place on Plaza de La Constitución this evening, Friday 20 May, starting at 8.30pm.

The event will feature the poet Juan José Téllez, who has also worked as a journalist on numerous newspapers and written several short story books as well as poetry. The author has won a number of awards for his work.

He will be accompanied by local authors Cristina Cobo Hervás and Juan A. Molina Gómez and live music will also be provided by Dúo Takiq.

The second date will be Thursday 2 June, with the participation of Juan Manuel Villalba, who recently published his poetry collection.

The final reading will be with one of Spain’s most well-known national poets, Luis García Montero, who is president of the Cervantes Institute. The date and venue is still to be confirmed. The events will be accompanied by live music from local groups. For further information visit the town hall website: