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Police pursuit of speeding car in Ronda leads to unexpected discovery

The vehicle was spotted being driven 'aggressively' and a police patrol suspected they were dealing with a driver who was on the run from a failed drugs deal or other illegal activity


The situation did not look good, the car made a dangerous move at a roundabout and was seen overtaking other cars in an aggressive way. National Police officers on a routine patrol in the Las Peñas area of Ronda immediately suspected they were dealing with a driver who was on the run from a failed drugs deal or other illegal activity.

Officers Diego Gómez and Sergio Rodríguez eventually caught up with the car only to discover it was a frantic husband speeding to get his heavily pregnant wife before she gave birth in the car.

"He was a very aggressive driver. He did some extremely dangerous overtaking, getting into the opposite direction, on the shoulder,” said police officer Rodríguez.

"Experience tells you that when you see a car driving in that way you have to take extreme precautions, since it is usually someone who is fleeing or who may be in a serious situation of danger,” added Gómez.

When the police stopped them, the family could barely explain their rush. “They were very nervous. They could not get their words out. Only the mother's sister-in-law was able to say that the pregnant woman was going to give birth in the car,” said Rodríguez.

In the end, the police provided an escort to hospital for Rocío Valderrama who safely gave birth to Juan Antonio. Her contractions had started earlier that morning and when they left for the hospital at 11.30am they had underestimated how much traffic would be on the roads.

“I will always be very grateful to the police, because without them I don't even want to imagine what would have happened," said Rocío.

The family wrote an official letter of thanks to the police, who said that offering help of this kind is the best part of their jobs.

“The vocation to help others is essential for this profession, if you don't have it, you won't be comfortable in this body. It’s about taking on third-party problems as your own and solving them,” said Officer Rodríguez.

“What we achieved is very beautiful, we helped to bring a new life to this world in a safer way,” added police officer Gómez.