Arrested by National Police in Girona. File photograph. / SUR

Woman arrested for stealing watches valued at 115,000 euros using the ‘affectionate’ method

The individual was detained by police and has been charged with four thefts from foreigners on the Costa del Sol, and has been provisionally released


They try to gain the trust of their victims, who they approach as if they know them. They establish a brief physical contact that does not last more than a few seconds, but behind that handshake or that hug or that fleeting approach, is the intention of stealing expensive watches or jewellery - without being detected. And, if the victim does become aware of the theft attempt and tries to avoid being robbed, they do not hesitate to use violence.

It is known as the 'affectionate' method, and is the one that was used in the Costa del Sol town of Marbella by a woman of Romanian nationality, whose age has not been released, and who has been arrested by Girona National Police officers.

High-end watches

The woman is charged with three crimes of theft and a crime of robbery with violence towards several foreign people after stealing high-end watches worth 115,200 euros.

The suspect has numerous police records for crimes against property and was identified by Local Police officers in Palamós (Girona), when parking her vehicle illegally. The woman has been released provisionally, with precautionary measures, while the court case against her is prepared.