This is the moment police spectacularly arrest two men for theft of luxury watch from a tourist in Marbella

The suspects worked as a pair, with one waiting on a motorcycle to make a fast getaway while the other grabbed the holidaymaker and engaged in a struggle to remove his watch


National Police officers in Marbella arrested two men, aged 35 and 38, recently for allegedly stealing a luxury watch from a tourist. The incident happened during the evening of 9 May in Avenida de las Naciones Unidas, when a police patrol became suspicious of the behaviour of a motorcyclist and his passenger, who behaved evasively when they spotted the police car.

The officers decided to stop them, but the motorcyclists ignored the order and tried to escape by driving off in the other direction. They hadn’t reckoned on the swift reaction of the police, who set off in pursuit on foot and caught them.

One of the men managed to run off, although he was found and arrested later. The officers identified and searched the other man and found that he was carrying an extremely expensive designer watch, amongst other items.

At the same time the victim of the theft, a man on holiday with his son, was found in the area, and said one of the men had grabbed him and forced the watch off his wrist during the struggle before making his escape. Officers from Marbella’s Local Police force attended to him at the scene.