Two meetings have taken place so far / david lerma

Marbella recruits "creative agents" to boost the town’s cultural agenda

The regional government has created a project to encourage citizens with innovative ideas to come forward with their proposals


The Junta de Andalucía has created a project in Marbella to encourage members of the public with innovative ideas to come forward with their proposals. The first meeting was on Monday last week and a second took place this Monday (16 May) attracting 37 people to the Cortijo de Miraflores. The meetings were organised by the town hall in conjunction with the consultancy company Innovación Colectiva.

Javier Lima, a technician from the department for of economic development and SMEs, is the promoter and coordinator of the municipal project Marbella, Creative and Inclusive City and he is working closely with Marbella’s councillor for development, Cristobal Garre. With a budget of 121,000 euros, this initiative has only just started, but will run for 18 months. The plan is to recruit "creative agents" in Marbella.

Nacho Muñoz, CEO of Innovación Colectiva, said during the meeting: "We want to create an ecosystem and draw up a plan to attract talent.” He added, "We are going to create a lobby and move from complaints to proposals. The important thing is what we can do without the council".

Sharing projects

The idea is to bring together people with cultural concerns from the most diverse artistic and intellectual fields. Participants at the meetings were happy to share their own personal projects. Presentations came from a marine biologist, a flamenco entrepreneur, an actor, an art teacher, a worker from the town hall youth team, who recognised that "It is very difficult to help young people", a music producer, several visual artists, photographers, journalists and writers including Felipe Cambón, winner of the Carmen Martín Gaite narrative prize.

A historian, a cultural manager, an expert in neuroscience and some veterans of Marbella's "poor cultural scene" were also in attendance. Among them was artist Pedro Molina, who aims to resurrect the defunct Marbella Art Biennial. Also notable was the presence of Víctor Marín, a visual artist for Warner Bros, the director Guillermo del Toro, who is developing an audiovisual project and international photographer Jesús Chacón.

Nacho Muñoz went on to say, "There is talent in Marbella, but it is fragmented. We have 18 months to plant a seed.” Among his ideas are a commitment to establish a common cultural agenda with the town hall and the creation of a directory of people and institutions and the cession of a venue for the presentation of proposals and events.

The meeting led to a willingness to move forward with a cultural agenda for Marbella and although the ideas are still vague, they seem promising. Anyone interested in participating in the initiative should visit: