The town hall will carry out work to three primary schools in Marbella / sur

Marbella primary schools set to get almost one-million euros for refurbishments

The tender period for projects for the Federico García Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre and Nuestra Señora del Carmen schools, ended on 12 April


Marbella town hall has announced that it will be carrying out works in three of its primary schools. These are works that would normally fall within the remit of the Junta de Andalucía, as the town councils are only responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the schools, include minor renovations, painting and electrical improvement. Almost one million euros will be allocated to projects at the Federico García Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre and Nuestra Señora del Carmen schools.

The aim is to repair structural damage, for which work is scheduled to take between two and three months to complete. The councillor for this area, Diego López, explained that the work "is scheduled to begin in the summer period to take advantage of the absence of pupils in the schools and not interfere with their normal operation".

In the case of Federico García Lorca school, the work will involve the reconstruction of a wall, to redesign the entrance ramp and the refurbishment of the electrical installation and fire protection system to bring them into line with current regulations.

Emergency exit

"Last April saw the completion of the first phase, which was undertaken as an emergency measure following the storm in December last year," said the councillor. The period for the submission of bids ended on 12 April and they are currently being studied for the award of the contract.

Meanwhile, at the Vicente Aleixandre school, a project will be carried out, with a budget of almost 90,000 euros and a two-month completion period, to create a new emergency exit. "The school's emergency exit is currently accessed from a private car park with a barrier, which makes it difficult for specialised vehicles to enter," the councillor explained.

Lastly, the El Carmen school plans to modernise the electrical and fire protection installations to bring them into line with current regulations, as well as improve accessibility by means of a ramp. The doors will also be replaced to comply with the minimum entrance and evacuation width. The project has a tender budget of almost 250,000 euros and a completion period of two months.