The 'sea bin' in action in the Port of Malaga. / PHOTO: SALVADOR SALAS / VIDEO: PEDRO J. QUERO

Innovative 'sea bin' filters plastics from the Port of Malaga

The machine can absorb floating waste and hydrocarbons, and it has been installed in the new megayacht marina area


The Port of Malaga has a new innovative automatic system for removing plastic and hydrocarbon waste. The so-called 'sea bin' has been installed at the corner of docks one and two, where the new megayacht marina is located.

The device, sponsored by Caixabank, is a floating container that absorbs plastics and diesel waste and is capable of filtering 25,000 litres every hour, which results in the collection of up to 1.5 kilos of plastic and other waste every day. An operator empties the device's catch basket and recycles the materials, according to Rubén Valcárcel, operations director of Blue Carbon, which is responsible for the installation.

Eighty-five per cent of the catches are single-use plastics, which are being used to give them a new life in the form of boat sails and bags for a brand of boxing gloves. If any fish enter the system, operators return them to the sea.

The president of the Port Authority, Carlos Rubio, said the new device would help Malaga to retain its position as “one of the healthiest in the entire Spanish port system”.

Councillor Rosa Sánchez thanked Caixabank for promoting the project "which coincides with Malaga's plans in the era of the sustainable city", which is the slogan of the Expo 2027 candidacy.