The fire brigade and police came to the rescue. / sur

Pensioner recovering after his dogs lead rescuers to where he was trapped down an embankment

The 78-year-old retired doctor, who wasn't carrying a mobile phone, had gone after one of the dogs, which was chasing a cat, and injured himself trying to get back


A 78-year-old man is recovering at home after being rescued in the early hours of Thursday morning in Malaga, after getting stuck at the bottom of an embankment.

The incident began around 5pm on Wednesday 8 June when the man, a 78-year-old retired doctor, took his dogs for a walk on some land behind the residential development in which he lives, in El Limonar.

After following his dog down the steep slope to try and call him back, his knee problems meant that he was unable to get back up. He tried repeatedly to climb but kept falling, and ended up at the bottom and injured from where he had scraped against rocks. He lost his glasses and mobile phone while attempting to get up the slope, and was stuck there in the heat – it reached 37C in Malaga on Wednesday - and unable to ring for help. He was trapped.

Wife was away

His wife was away from Malaga for the day and didn’t get back until late. Seeing the gate open when she returned, she assumed her husband had taken the dogs out, as he usually does in the evenings. She was very tired from her journey, so she laid on the sofa. But then she fell asleep.

When she woke up it was past 1am and she was alarmed to find her husband was not there. She immediately rang their daughter, who rushed round to the house. The dogs ran to greet her when she arrived, but it seems they didn’t want her to go inside: they kept going to the lane outside, where they are normally taken for walks.

Daughter followed dogs

This seemed very strange, so the daughter followed them, to see what was upsetting them, and they led her straight to the embankment, where her father was trapped.

He was finally rescued around 2am, by the police and fire brigade. He was exhausted, numb and bleeding. But he was safe, and it was all thanks to man’s best friend, his dogs.