The move is good news for the taxi sector. / sur

More taxis will operate on the streets of Malaga this summer, but not at the airport

With the economy recovering and a large number of tourists expected, the city council has authorised all drivers to work at weekends and more vehicles to be available at the taxi ranks


In view of the recovery of the economy and the number of tourists expected to visit Malaga this summer, the city council has authorised the entire taxi fleet to operate at weekends and more cars will be available at the taxi ranks until the end of October.

Normally, the drivers have to take a rest day at weekends so half work on Saturdays and the other half on Sundays. During the summer, they will all have the choice to work on Friday nights between 8pm and 7am on Saturday and from 8pm on Saturdays until Monday morning. There will also be a further 80 taxis available from Mondays to Thursdays, bringing the total to 1,024 each day as well as the 205 who operate from the airport.

The president of the Aumat taxi association, Miguel Martín, believes this will be sufficient to meet demand, but says they will request authorisation to increase the number of cars if necessary.

No change at the airport

At the airport, everything will remain the same. Miguel Martín says the taxi drivers are a bit busier than before but things are still very uncertain, so for the time being there are no plans to increase the number of cars. Taxi drivers work at the airport by turn, normally being based there one week in every seven.

As elsewhere in the city, any changes to the number of taxis at the airport have to be authorised by the council, which also has the power to fine any driver who fails to comply with the requirement to take a rest day between 270.01 and 1,380 euros.