An artist's impression of how the new cathedral roof will look. / sur

Diputación agrees to ask the government to help meet the cost of Malaga's cathedral roof project

The expensive proposal also includes restoring the drainage system and weatherproofing the terraces above several chapels


The Malaga provincial authority, the Diputación, is to ask the Spanish government to help meet the cost of repairing the roof of the city’s cathedral. The Junta de Andalucía, which recently authorised the plans for the poject, will also be contributing to the funding.

The decision to apply for government assistance was unanimous at a Diputación meeting this week. Victor González, who is the delegate for Culture at the provincial authority, says it is great news that the move can now go ahead, as there had been a lack of agreement in the past. “Anyone who is interested in the heritage of Malaga city will have been worried about the state of deterioration of its most emblematic monument,” he said. The cathedral was classified as an Historic-Artistic Monument in 1931, and a Site of Cultural Interest in 1985.

The project includes not only the reconstruction of the roof, but also restoring and extending its drainage system and weatherproofing the terraces over the chapels.