This is how the new cathedral roof will look when completed. / sur

Church authorities apply for works licence to solve the leaking roof of Malaga cathedral

The application for the 10 million euro project is currently being assessed by the city council's planning department


It’s not every day that a council’s Planning department receives an application for a works licence to build a cathedral roof, but it happens to be the case in Malaga. The Church authorities have requested a licence so the project which has been designed by architects Juan Manuel Sánchez La Chica and Adolfo de la Torre Prieto can be put into effect.

The council is keen for the gable roof – which is similar to the one designed by Ventura Rodríguez in 1764 – to be built as soon as possible, so the application will be passed immediately to the fire service for a safety report. There has already been a meeting between the fire brigade and technicians from the diocese, some months ago, so it is likely that the report will be issued in the near future.

The cathedral roof needs to be replaced to put an end to constant problems with leaking when it rains, and the project will cost around ten million euros. The Church authorities hopes that institutions and businesses in Malaga will contribute to the cost.

The gabled roof will be made with a laminated wood and steel structure which people will be able to visit inside and out, and it will be finished off with glazed ceramic tiles in the colours of honey and cream, in keeping with the roofs of the Sagrario church and the episcopal palace.

The project also includes the renovation of the flat roofs of the side chapels and the ambulatory, the construction of a sloping roof for the sacristy, repairs and improvements to the whole drainage system and a decorative feature which will complete the appearance of the cathedral as it was designed in the 18th century: a balustrade around the perimeter of the upper roof of the basílica, like the one which already exists on the main façade.