A model of the proposed Expo 2027 site at Buenavista, Malaga. / sur

Expo 2027 could generate nearly 3,000 jobs in Malaga, if it comes to the city

A study carried out to support the bid to host the international event estimates that it could also attract around 8,900 volunteers, most of them local


The urban era: Towards the sustainable city. That is the slogan which the Spanish government and Malaga council have chosen for Expo 2027, because they want people to reflect on ways to make demographic growth in towns and cities compatible with sustainability for the planet, as it is estimated that by 2050 more than three-quarters of the world population will be living in urban areas.

The council is convinced that its bid will be sufficiently attractive to gain majority support from the 170 countries represented at the Bureau of International Exhibitions, but nobody will know until June next year whether there will be enough support for Malaga to beat the other four contenders who are keen to host the event.

However, the dossier prepared for Malaga's application includes an estimation of the benefits the Expo 2027 would bring in terms of new jobs during the three months the exhibition is taking place.

The figures show that 2,715 posts would need to be filled, including 300 administrative staff, 210 in information technology, 935 in logistics, 180 to control access to the arena, 150 for cleaning, 540 for maintenance and 400 for security. It is also estimated that 8,900 volunteers could also take part, of whom 60% would be from Malaga.

The average cost of training, transport, food, uniforms and accommodation for these volunteers would be around 335 euros each, which means nearly three million euros would have to be assigned for this purpose.