The asphalting work in the Los Montecillos urbanisation will encompass 8,000 square metres of road surface. / sur

Work to improve quality of the road surfaces in Los Montecillos almost complete

The action consists of the resurfacing of several streets of the residential development in Coín in which a total of more than 80,000 euros will be invested


Coín town hall has announced that important asphalting work in the Los Montecillos urbanisation is currently in progress and is expected to be completed later this week.

With an investment of more than 80,000 euros, the project will be financed by the council and the community of owners of the urbanisation, who will divide the cost between them.

Of the 40,000 euros invested by the council, 20,000 euros came from Participatory Budgets thanks to the initiative presented by residents. The other 20,000 euros came from the town hall’s own asphalting plan.

The initiative will have a direct impact on some 1,300 residents, who came together to spearhead the plan to improve the quality of the road surfaces on the estate.

The town’s mayor, Francisco Santos, along with members of his council, visited the estate last week to witness the progress of the work, which will encompass more than 8,000 square metres of road surface.

“The participation and collaboration of the neighbours is fundamental for us. From the participatory budgets for 2020, we have already completed the asphalting work in Miralmonte and Sierra Gorda, and we are now working in Sierra Chica”, explained the councillor for Citizen Participation, Belén González.

The president of the community, Miguel Guzmán, thanked the town hall and the residents for coming together in order to make the project possible.

“We are extremely grateful that we reached this agreement with the council, because this asphalting plan was necessary,” he said.