The crashed car. / SUR

British teen, 15, injured after taking his grandfather’s car and crashing it in Coín

The youth tested positive when breathalysed by police officers and confessed that he had been drinking prior to the accident on Christmas Eve


A fifteen-year-old British youth was injured after taking his grandfather’s car and crashing it in Coín on Christmas Eve. After the accident the teenager was breathalysed by police and he confessed that he had been drinking and was showing off when he lost control of the vehicle.

According to SUR sources, the incident happened in the early hours of Christmas Eve and the police were alerted after the young man showed up at house in the Malaga town asking for help. He told the resident that he had just crashed his grandfather's car, just a few metres away. The woman immediately called the 092 number of the Local Police, who sent a patrol to the house. The officers found the teen totally soaked to the skin and covered in mud. They notified his family and, as he was injured, they took him to the local health centre.

While the police crew was in the health centre with the British youth, who is a resident of Monda; another patrol went to the scene of the accident and found the car on Calle Minerva. The car had left the road on a bend, crossed over the pavement and fell down a small embankment, according to sources.

At the health centre, the minor confessed everything and said that he had taken his grandfather's car and that he had been drinking alcohol. According to the same sources, he said that he was showing off and that he lost control of the car on a curve. Sources also said that the teenager tested positive in the breathalyser test which he was subjected to.

After treatment for his slight injuries to his jaw and hand the teen was discharged from the health centre. The police officers have reported him for road traffic safety offences.