New bridge now open between Cancelada and Bel Air in Estepona

The new bridge between Cancelada and Bel-Air will speed up local journeys for residents.
The new bridge between Cancelada and Bel-Air will speed up local journeys for residents. / J.M.M.
  • The connection between the two areas means that thousands of people will no longer have to use the A-7 to get from one to the other

The more than 4,000 residents of the Cancelada and Bel-Air districts of Estepona can now travel from one to the other without having to go onto the dual carriageway, thanks to a new bridge and pedestrian pathway which were inaugurated this week.

At the official opening the mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, described this as the most important road project carried out in this busy residential area so far, and said it would mean that far fewer drivers will now have to use the A-7, which will also make it safer.

This internal connection between the two residential areas was built by Metrovacesa and has cost the town hall almost 1.9 million euros. From now on, thousands of vehicles will have an alternative route to reach urbanisations, hotels, golf courses and shops in the area. It also comes at a time when the bridge over the A-7 at this point is closed while the government is carrying out works there.

Lorenzo Santana, Metrovacesa's Territorial Director for Eastern Andalucía, says the inauguration of the Cancelada-Bel Air bridge is an important landmark for Estepona, because it will improve mobility and local connections. It is also a landmark for Metrovacesa, "because it will enable us to connect our developments with the rest of the area. It is a project which supports the urban development of this area, which will soon have new facilities such as sports and leisure complexes as well".

The bridge crosses the Arroyo Taraje and is 120 metres long, 16.5 metres wide and 8.5 metres high. There are two traffic lanes in each direction, plus the pedestrian path.

The mayor said improving the facilities in this area is a priority, and that in recent years the council has created a road between Camino Briján and Bel-Air as well as a 20.000 sq. metre park.