Torremolinos reveals details of 3.8-million-euro project that will transform town centre

One of the most striking elements of the renovation project will be an elaborate pergola.
One of the most striking elements of the renovation project will be an elaborate pergola. / SUR
  • The project to pedestrianise the historic centre of the town was launched by architect Salvador Moreno Peralta

Torremolinos is to undergo one of its most major urban transformations of recent decades. During a meeting held on Monday, Malaga architect Salvador Moreno Peralta presented the project for the renovation of Plaza Costa del Sol and part of the Avenida Palma de Mallorca. The area will be pedestrianised with the aim of creating a Grand Boulevard with shaded spaces, water features and green areas.

The centre of Torremolinos was closed to traffic more than 18 months ago, but a large municipal debt and the lack of a budget have prevented the work going ahead.

The project, which extends over more than 8,000 square meters, will cost 3.8 million euros and will include the restoration of the iconic Maria Barrabino house.

The town hall has announced that the work will begin in October and it should be complete before next year’s summer season begins.

The architect claimed that the new look Plaza Costa del Sol will be an ideal area for the Holy week processions, the parade of the three kings or LGBT pride, as well as other traditional festivals.

Palm and orange trees will line the boulevard and green areas will be situated at a distance of not less than 3.5 metres from the facades of businesses, in order to reserve spaces for their terraces.

The plan also takes into consideration the current bars and restaurants situated in the sidewalks that lead from the main square in the town.

The area will be paved in grey and white non-slip tiles and bench seating, ponds, fountains, flower beds and decorative trees will be installed to create a relaxed ambience in the central square.

The mayor, José Ortiz said, “The project allows the town to create a historical centre that will highlight its history, its relationship with water, its springs and mills.”

A pergola reminiscent of the Palmeral de las Sorpresas in Malaga will cover the central space of the square. This is one of the most striking elements of the project and is designed on a support of metallic grey pillars holding a concave bow and a convex arc whose concatenation creates ripples in both directions.

Other actions include the restoration of the Casa María Barrabino and the remodelling of the street that leads to the Plaza Costa del Sol; making it the central heart of the square.

The pedestrianisation of the Plaza Costa del Sol has been one of the mayor’s principal projects since taking power in 2015, and although he was first criticised for closing the centre to traffic, it has proven to be the most fundamental part of the rehabilitation of the town.

Salvador Moreno Peralta said that the transformation projects in the central districts of cities and towns such as Malaga and Estepona “have been an undeniable factor in their revitalisation”.

The project, which has the support of the Association of Traders and Entrepreneurs of Torremolinos (ACET), is expected to lead to a gradual regeneration of commercial activity, which has been in a state of deterioration for the last ten years.