UK filmmakers bring first international shoot since the start of the pandemic to the Costa

Actress Ruth Wilson in a scene filmed in  Malaga city centre.
Actress Ruth Wilson in a scene filmed in Malaga city centre. / M. FERNÁNDEZ
  • tRUE tHINGS aBOUT me

  • Shooting for True Things About Me, a film co-produced with the BBC by Hollywood star Jude Law, has been taking place around Malaga city and in Benalmádena this week

The film industry is yet another on the long list of those suffering as a result of the pandemic. International film shoots are especially difficult to coordinate in these times of increased restrictions; of the international projects that were in the pipeline for Malaga in 2020, the first that has overcome the uncertainty created by Covid-19 is the production of True Things About Me, a film co-produced with the BBC by Hollywood star Jude Law (The New Pope and Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindelwald, among many others).

Shooting for this drama began last weekend in Malaga city, although other locations on the Costa del Sol are also pencilled in over the coming days.

Adapted from a novel of the same name by Deborah Kay Davies, the main character is played by Ruth Wilson (star of the series Jane Eyre and Luther), who is also sharing in the production with Jude Law, although Law is not part of the cast.

The actress portrays a young woman who lives on the fringes of society, but whose existence is disrupted when a stranger interferes with her quiet life.

Little is known of the final detail of this British production, which has also been shot in the UK and is due to be released in 2021.

Shooting on the beach

Ruth Wilson was seen in action on Sunday on the promenade at La Malagueta beach in the city where a scene was filmed in the middle of the street.

Later, Wilson, who is joined in the cast by Robert Goodman and Charlie Heptinstall, moved to a flat in the same area, where indoor scenes were shot.

During the past week, the team led by the British director Harry Wootliff (Only You) also filmed in other locations in the city, such as the port and the historic centre, as well as in Benalmádena.

Local support

Produced by Law's Riff Raff UK, The Bureau and BBC Films, the shooting for True Things About Me which has taken place in Spain has enjoyed the logistics support of Malaga company Loslocations, whose presence is clearly visible at locations with around 20 vehicles for filming and a technical team of about 60 people in attendance.

The film, which is being developed in the city with the support of the council's Malaga Film Office, is the first international production that has stood up to the challenges posed by the pandemic, after Spanish film 'La casa del caracol', by Macarena Astorga, was shot in the summer.

In addition to cameras and clappers, masks are frequently seen on set and safety distances have to be maintained. But when "action!" is heard, suddenly we're transported from the sometimes bleak reality of the current situation and we can get lost in the world of fiction again.