Red carpet rolled out for Costa singer Tina Hall

Rock chick Tina Hall.
Rock chick Tina Hall. / F. Madera
  • Known as the "rock chick", the 46-year-old singer will receive the Marbella Loves Award at a glitzy showbiz party on Saturday night

One of the Costa del Sol's most popular entertainers is to be given the Marbella Loves Award in recognition of her contribution to the arts and entertainment industry in Malaga.

Actress and singer, Tina Hall, came to live in Marbella almost 20 years ago and has since made her name singing in the live music venues along the coast. She also broke into Spanish television, appearing in several shows, including the popular RTVE series Cuéntame Cómo Pasó (Tell me how it happened). However, one of her biggest achievements was participating in the music talent show, La Voz (The Voice) in 2017. Tina's performance of the Guns N' Roses hit, Sweet Child O' Mine, put her through to the 'battles' round and although she failed to go further, her performance has helped secure her name among Spanish rock fans.

Known as the "rock chick", the 46-year-old singer from Nottingham will receive her award at a glitzy red-carpet party in Marbella on Saturday night (tomorrow). The award will be presented by Jaime Acevedo in the VIP club Bless, an exclusive nightclub that sponsors the award.

Acevedo is director of Marbella's bilingual Starview Magazine, a showbiz and lifestyle publication with an affection towards Marbella.

"I feel extremely blessed, grateful and honoured to be receiving this award. It came as a great shock," Tina explained to SUR in English.

Tina is renowned for her raucous voice, incredible stage presence and joyful character, and these have now gained her recognition after performing continually as a solo artist, and on projects with other popular musicians and singers.

Tina is currently in the studio recording her latest CD - Cowgirl Blues and Fairy Tales - and she will soon be announcing a string of dates to promote the album.

"I'm a rock chick, but at heart, I love country music. My new album is a mixture of country and blues," she said.

Film Festival

Tina has also been invited to present some of the awards at this year's Marbella International Film Festival which runs from 10 to 14 October. She will also participate in workshops with superstars like Steven Berkoff, the British actor best known for his villainous roles.

"Marbella has always had a special place in my heart. I have lived here since 1999 and I have always embraced with a passion the magical world of the entertainment industry: Marbella has so much to offer in the way of art," the bubbly singer concludes.