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Peter Edgerton has lived in Málaga since 1995. His many and varied jobs during his time here have included musician, radio presenter, writer and pub owner. He currently combines these experiences, providing entertainment at his pub The Shakespeare in Malaga city centre.

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  • 17 Nov 2023 14:52

    Cold comfort

    What we really need in order to complete the joyful Yuletide scenes, however, is for the appropriate weather to make an appearance in order to complement the decor

  • 03 Nov 2023 17:52

    Take home pay

    Spanish people have an in-built reflex which obliges them to check if everything has been paid or not before they leave any bar or restaurant

  • 27 Oct 2023 14:30

    Plumbing the depths

    This is why I never do home repairs - my efforts invariably make things a lot worse before they get better, if, in fact, they get better at all

  • 20 Oct 2023 16:04

    Eat to the beat

    I wasn't aware of the high regard with which eating is held in these parts and how two o'clock is a revered hour when, whatever you're doing and wherever you are, you must stop for lunch

  • 13 Oct 2023 17:08

    The gig economy

    Performers very often lack that intuitive understanding that, when it comes to a live performance, the audience is more important than they are

  • 06 Oct 2023 18:20

    Rebel without applause

    In the olden days playing the renegade was a cinch - you got a tattoo, smoked a bit of weed and strutted around burbling on about the system and how everyone except you was a sheep

  • 29 Sep 2023 17:29

    The late, late show

    Here's the funny thing - although, in the end, I was only about fifteen minutes late, the rest of the day was a complete write-off


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