Unemployment figures showed a drop last year. / R.C.

Spain created 471,000 jobs in 2022 despite the crisis resulting from Ukraine war

Unemployment dropped by 268,000 in the year when the government’s labour reform came into force and an additional 2.3 million permanent job contracts were issued


Figures for 2022 show that Spain managed to withstand some of the economic effects of the crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ending the year with 471,360 more people employed than 12 months earlier and a significant rise in employment from the summer onwards. Nearly 20.3 million people were registered with the Social Security system at the end of the year, the highest number ever recorded.

This was also the first year of the labour reform negotiated between the government, business owners and unions, which the government attributes for the rise in the number of permanent work contracts signed (2.3 million more than at the end of 2021).

Fewer than 2.9 million unemployed

Unemployment figures also show a drop in 2022, ending the year with 2,837,653 people registered as looking for work. This is 268,252 fewer than 12 months previously, “in an international economic crisis which is still marked by uncertainty,” the Ministry of Work and Social Economy noted. Since February 2021, the worst month for jobs after the Covid-19 crisis, unemployment has dropped by nearly 1.2 million people.

In December, the number of people registered as unemployed had dropped by 43,727. The total number of work contracts issued during the month was 1,189,917 of which 464,152 were permanent. In absolute terms, there were 290,368 more permanent contracts than in the same month in 2021.

During 2022 a total of 18,310,343 contracts were signed, which was 4,201,878 fewer (18.7%) than in 2019, but one of the expected effects in terms of stability of the Labour Reform coming into force.