A tourist leaving Malaga's central train station. / SALVADOR SALAS

Tourism recovery helps generate a massive 29,000 jobs in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol

The province reaches a record 672,000 employed due to the strength of the services sector as unemployment drops almost 18 per cent


Employment has reached a new all-time high in the province: 672,000 people were working in the second quarter, which is 29,000 more than in the previous quarter and 24,000 more than in the same quarter of 2021, when mobility, the hotel and catering industry and the economy in general were still affected by coronavirus restrictions.

The growth in employment is almost entirely in the services sector, which has added 26,000 jobs in the province between the first and second quarters. Agriculture and industry recorded very slight gains (of 5,000 and 2,000 workers respectively) and construction lost 4,000.

Unemployment has also fallen sharply in the second quarter. Between the first and the second quarters, Malaga has gone from 162,500 to 145,200 unemployed. The year-on-year fall is 7,000. The improvement in unemployment has not been as intense as the job creation that has taken place in these same periods because the active population continues to grow: the number of people who declare themselves to be working or in a position to work has increased by 11,000 in the last quarter and by 16,000 in the last twelve months. Many of these new workers come from other Spanish provinces, and from other countries.

Malaga's unemployment rate currently stands at 17.76 per cent. The improvement is considerable, given that in the previous quarter it was still above 20 per cent. However, the gap with the national unemployment rate remains at around five percentage points, as the latter has also fallen to 12.48 per cent.