Watch as three people are arrested after a high-speed police chase from Estepona to Mijas

The suspects thought they had escaped their pursuers, but a National Police helicopter was also on their tail which filmed it all and revealed their exact location


It appeared to be a normal shift for the officers in the police patrol car as they drove around the Estepona area last Thursday night. However, it turned out to be quite the opposite. At 11.30pm they were suddenly overtaken by a car which was driving at high speed, recklessly moving from lane to lane and putting other drivers at risk. The police switched the blue lights of their vehicle on, and set off after the car to try to pull it over. That was the start of a spectacular chase that eventually ended in Mijas, with the arrest of three young men.

The police pursued the suspicious vehicle along the A-7 until it suddenly braked very hard and left the dual carriageway at Cancelada. However, it immediately joined the main road again, heading in the direction of Malaga and still ignoring the police car which was in pursuit.

The police called for reinforcements, and several other police cars from Estepona and Marbella joined in the chase, while a helicopter was assigned to keep an eye on the vehicle and report where it was heading.

Once it reached Calahonda, in Mijas Costa, the car left the A-7 and headed into a residential development. The occupants, who turned out to be three men aged between 26 and 32, calmly got out, carrying several large bags. They thought they had lost the police cars that had been pursuing them, but they were in for a shock. The helicopter had given their exact location, and the police were on their tail.

The bags they were carrying contained nearly 7,000 euros in cash. All three men were immediately arrested, and the money and the vehicle were confiscated by the police.