Sunny days and tropical nights ahead. / ñito salas

Mercury set to rise as weather experts forecast "tropical nights" but no "ice saints"

Malaga province can expect daytime temperatures of 30C or even slightly higher, thanks to an anticyclonic ridge which will remain over south-west Europe for several days


This year the ‘Ice Saints’ who, according to people in Spain, pay a visit from 8 to 14 May when there are often late frosts, are likely to be conspicuous by their absence, if the weather forecasts are correct.

According to Meteored, under normal circumstances Ávila has a couple of days of frost every May, and in many rural areas, such as the Meseta Norte and around the mountain systems, usually above an altitude of 800 metres, the Ice Saints have an effect on agriculture every few years.

Like summer

Not this year, though. Weather experts are saying that not only will there be no frost, but the weather coming up will be more like summer in many parts of the country.

This is because an anticyclonic ridge has come to a halt in south-west Europe and will remain there for several days , leading to a considerable rise in temperatures. The experts at Meteored even say some places can expect several “tropical nights”.

In Malaga province, the temperatures will rise progressively to over 30C (they could reach 32C on Monday 16 May), and the city is likely to see a maximum of 29C. In any case, the experts say temperatures are not expected to drop below 24C anywhere in the area.