The fuel station in Almargen. / GOOGLE MAPS

Suspect arrested for stealing a car with a six-year-old child inside

The incident happened in Almargen on Monday evening, as the six-year-old boy waited inside the vehicle while his parents shopped at a cheese factory


A man has been arrested by police officers suspected of stealing a car with a six-year-old boy inside in the Malaga province town of Almargen on Monday evening, 8 October. Guardia Civil officers detained the man in the Cádiz municipality of Prado del Rey.

The incident happened when the child stayed inside the family vehicle while his parents were shopping at a cheese factory in Almargen. While they were in the shop, an individual got into the car, which still had the keys in it, and drove off.

Apparently, when the alleged thief noticed that there was a child in the back seat, he told him not to be scared, and that his mother had asked him to park the car properly.

The man drove to a fuel station located outside Almargen and asked the boy to go to the service station shop to fetch a bottle of water. At that moment, the driver fled.