Provincial council president Franciso Salado with the athletes. / SUR

Provincial authority launches programme to sponsor sportsmen and women from Malaga

Worth a total of 300,000 euros it was presented in the presence of top athletes from the province including Damián Quintero, Paula Ruiz, María Torres and Sarah Almagro


The local karate stars Damián Quintero and María Torres, the swimmer Paula Ruiz and the surfer Sarah Almagro are leading a new pioneering Diputación programme to promote the careers of individual sportsmen and women from Malaga province. With a budget of 300,000 euros, this is a further step in the Malaga Competes (Málaga Compite) programme, which in a few months will be open to applications from individual athletes.

Launching the programme, provincial authority's president Franciso Salado referred to the athletes as "the faces of elite individual sport, not only in the province of Malaga, but in Spain and the world”.

Before the end of the year the application process will be opened and more details of this new programme will be offered, aimed mainly at medallists of the national championships.

The standard bearers of the programme are:

Damián Quintero: World Champion, European Champion, Silver medallist at the Tokyo Olympic Games. And Gold Medal awarded by Malaga provincial authority.

María Torres: World Champion. Silver in the World Games. M de Malaga Award from the Malaga provincial council.

Paula Ruiz: The first Andalusian of all time to go to the Olympic Games in open water. Junior World Champion.

Sarah Almagro: Spanish Champion and runner-up in adapted surfing.