The Covid passport would mean being vaccinated becoming even more important for everyday things. / SUR

Rise in regional case rates forces experts to moot Covid passport

The Andalusian committee advising on coronavirus meets today (26 November) to discuss the scope of restrictions


Regional politicians and experts in Andalucía are meeting today (Friday, 26 November) to see if, in their view, any tougher restrictions are needed to curb Covid-19 cases. The meeting comes as the incidence of Covid-19 in Andalucía continues to rise, just as it does across all of Spain.

The committee is expected to discuss possibly introducing measures to cut off transmission, such as the presentation of the so-called Covid passports to access certain events, hospitals and residential homes.

This week, Andalucía started giving those aged 65 a booster jab, ahead of other regions, although these have since agreed to follow suit, now central government has formerly recommended the policy.

Meanwhile, central government is resting its strategy on "keeping on vaccinating without stopping" with a move to shortly reporting daily data showing the difference between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated in terms of Covid-19 infection rates

Spain, with over 79 per cent having had a full dose, has one of the highest Covid-19 vaccination rates in Europe still.

Although the Andalucía region remains at a low risk rate - according to a new banding of case rate levels this week that sees everything under 100 classed as low - the average case rate in the region was 83 positive cases per 100,000 people in the last 14 days on Thursday (25 November), up from 56 a week earlier.

On a local level, Malaga province - including the Costa del Sol - saw its most new cases in a day on Thursday this week since mid- September, with 234 infections reported in the previous 24 hours.

The rolling 14-day case rate was 96 per 100,000 in Malaga province. Of the five Health Districts in the province, the worst case rate on Thursday was in the Ronda area with 129.1 per 100,000 in the previous 14 days.