The budget details were announced by Francisco Salado. / marcos álvarez

This is where Malaga's provincial authority intends to spend its 374.3 million euro budget next year

The Diputación de Malaga's budget for 2023 is 6.25 per cent higher than for this year


The Malaga provincial authority (Diputación de Malaga) has announced that its budget for 2023 will be 374.3 million euros, which is 6.25% higher than for this year, and more money will be invested in measures to alleviate the drought, social spending and support for the business sector. The amount assigned to councils in the province will also be higher next year.

“This is the budget that Malaga province needs,” Diputación president Francisco Salado said during the presentation.

Next year for the first time there will be a specific plan whereby councils will be given grants totalling 17.5 million euros which must be spent on water infrastructure. This comes after a recent survey showed that half of the municipalities in the province are losing water through leaks in their pipelines or fraudulent use, at a time of severe drought.

Tourism budget up by 11.2 per cent

Rising prices for energy and materials are having an effect on the Malaga business sector, which will receive 8.4 million euros. Priority is being given to companies in agriculture and farming, and the Sabor a Malaga brand will also receive 2.6 million euros. The Diputación has increased the money for tourism promotion by 11.2% to 15.8 million euros next year.

The budget also includes 14.5 million euros for road improvements, six million for the new fire stations in Antequera, Álora-Pizarra, Rincón de la Victoria and improvements to the station in Coín, 4.8 million euros for projects in the vicinity of the Caminito del Rey, 3.1 euros for the recuperation of the Sierra Bermeja and fire prevention measures in that area; 2.8 million euros for scenic arts and cultural heritage; 2.5 million to install biomass facilities to heat schools and public buildings; 1.2 million for new sports facilities and one million for improvements to rural lanes.