Prices of everyday items have shot up in the past 12 months. / Marcos Álvarez

Prices of basic products have soared in Malaga province in the past year

In 12 months the cost of food, drinks and cleaning products has risen five times more than the average over the past two decades


Everyone is aware that the prices of basic food and household cleaning items have been going up, but figures from Spain's National Institute of Statistics (INE) for the past two decades show that the increase in the past year has been five times higher than the average rise every year since 2002.

The INE analysed the prices of 176 food and non-alcoholic drink products, and 12 drinks containing alcohol, and discovered that they have risen by between 38 and 60% in the past 20 years. Not only that: basic food items like milk, bread and flour have increased in price more in Malaga than the rest of the country. In the past year, they have gone up by more than 11%, whereas between 2002 and 2021 the increase had only been around 2%.

"Due to speculation, not inflation"

“We all talk about energy and fuel costs, but the increase in the price of the weekly shop is incredible, especially basic things like meat, fish and bread,” says the president of the Malaga Consumers’ Union, Jesús Burgos. He also says it is due to speculation, not inflation. “This isn’t just due to increased productions costs; you have to look at what the distributors are doing,” he says.

Rising energy costs and the war in Ukraine are putting pressure on the primary sector. “Something has to be done. Right now some products are being sold for prices that don’t cover the costs,” insists the president of the Asaja young farmers’ association, Baldomero Bellido.

Cleaning products are also being affected by rising prices. Since August last year, they have increased by nearly five times more than the average for the past 19 years. And, again, the increase has been higher in Malaga than the national average.

Alcoholic drinks are the only items for which prices in Malaga have risen less than the national average, but they have still increased considerably.

Not covering costs

“Because electricity is so expensive now, many farmers aren’t bothering to irrigate what they are growing because they know they won’t be able to charge as much as they need to, to cover costs. Some of them are just giving up altogether,” says Baldomero Bellido.

As a result of the rising prices, many families are now only buying essential items and cutting back where they can. They also hunt for bargains, but nowadays, those are often proving hard to find.