Three Kings parade in Ronda / V.M.

The number of tourists visiting Ronda tops 90,000 between 8 December and New Year’s Eve

The town council welcomes the increase after the Covid-19 related downturn


Around 90,000 people visited Ronda between 8 December, a national holiday, and New Year’s Eve, the Councillor for Tourism, Ángel Martínez, has revealed.

The holiday period was "a few weeks in which the town council worked so that visitors and residents of Ronda would be able to enjoy numerous interesting activities. The good tourism data is a much-needed boost of oxygen for hotels, restaurants and commerce after more than a year of crisis due to Covid," he said.

Martínez said the decision by Canal Sur to broadcast the end of the year chimes from Ronda was especially welcome, "This promotion is priceless since currently 80 per cent of tourism in Ronda is national tourism, and a vast majority of tourists are Andalusian tourists."

He added that he was also pleased with the Three Kings parade, which due to Covid-19 restrictions, had moved to wider roads to avoid the formation of crowds.