Deliveries of new cars are still being delayed. / sur

New car sales in Malaga picked up in October but are still far lower than before the pandemic

Many people are delaying the purchase of a new vehicle because of the economic uncertainty, and the shortage of microchips is still causing significant delays in deliveries


While prices of used cars are rising and there are few of the most popular models to be found, new car registrations have increased in Malaga province but are still far lower than before the pandemic.

Sales to individuals are still very low; there were 1,156 in October, which was practically the same as the same month last year, but companies have registererd twice as many as a year ago (542). However, experts believe that this is because the dealers are registering the vehicles themselves and will then sell them as ‘kilometre 0’, a category which is very popular.

The Faconauto association has also reported that car hire companies only registered 50 new vehicles in October, which was half as many as a year previously.

Looking at the year so far, 18,305 new vehicles were registered in Malaga province between January and October, which was 1.2% fewer than in the same period in 2021, which was itself considered a bad year.

There is concern that there are more old vehicles on the roads these days, with the effects that has on safety.

Fears over fuel

With regard to fuel, the sales of hybrid cars now almost match those of petrol, and sales of diesel vehicles have dropped significantly. These now account for only 11.5% of vehicles purchased in the province.

The situation is due to several factors: one is the microchip crisis, as the shortage is delaying deliveries of new vehicles, and another is economic uncertainty, which has made many families put off the purchase of a new car. And a third factor is that drivers are concerned about the future of combustion-powered vehicles and possible restrictions on driving them in cities.

Many people also find all-electric vehicles unduly expensive and are worried about their lack of autonomy.