The bus is on the route between Malaga and towns further down the coast / salvador salas

National Police to advertise their services on a Costa del Sol bus

The idea is to give tourists peace of mind this summer by displaying the phone number and social media contacts, with a message saying the police are here to help them


The Costa del Sol is expecting a large number of foreign tourists this summer, coming here to enjoy the lovely weather and beaches. With this in mind, the National Police have started an awareness campaign so that visitors know how to contact them if they need to, by advertising their services on one of the buses on the route between Malaga and the towns further down the coast.

The initiative is in collaboration with the Global and Avanza companies, as it is one of their buses that will display the telephone number and social media contact of the National Police. There will also be a very clear message for all tourists, wherever they are from: “We keep you safe; report things to us, we are your police”.

The campaign was officially presented on Friday morning, 8 April, and the government’s delegate to Malaga, Francisco Javier Salas, said it is a very important project to ensure that people who visit Malaga have peace of mind, because the Costa del Sol is “one of the safest destinations in the world,” partly, he stressed, due to the work carried out 24 hours a day by the state security forces.

The director of Avanza’s Southern Division, Rafael Durbán, expressed his thanks to the police for the work they do and said he has been proud to collaborate on a campaign to make foreign visitors more aware of the services the National Police provide. “They are essential because they maintain security, and for the transport sector that is as important as meeting safety standards,” he said.