Monkeypox virus cases in Malaga rise to 130

The province has registered half of the patients affected by this disease in the Andalusian region


Malaga province, with 130 confirmed cases of monkeypox virus (three more than last Friday), continues to lead the field for this infectious disease in Andalucía.

According to data provided this Tuesday19 July, by the Junta’s Ministry of Health, the number of patients affected by the monkeypox virus in the region has risen to 260 - with 3 in Almeria, 20 in Cadiz, 18 in Cordoba, 18 in Granada, 8 in Huelva, 4 in Jaén, 130 in Malaga and 59 in Seville.

Another 60 cases are under investigation and 142 have been discarded, according to the Andalusian Epidemiological Surveillance System Network (SVEA). Ninety-one previously confirmed cases have been classed inactive.

Between humans, transmission is via saliva, respiratory secretions, contact with exudate from the lesion or crusting material, and also via faeces. However, it is not easily transmissible and there must be very close contact for contagion to occur. Most people recover within several weeks, although some may require hospital admission.