The works have begun with the demolition of three old buildings. / salvador salas

Work on Malaga’s new 375-million-euro state-of-the-art hospital gets under way

The Junta's head, Juanma Moreno, says it will be a flagship for the health service in Andalucía, the biggest in the region and equipped with the very latest technology


Work has now begun on Malaga city's state-of-the-art new hospital on the site of the car park at the Hospital Civil. Three buildings behind the regional blood tranfusion centre are being demolished: one which housed the hydrotherapy department, the old School of Nursing and a warehouse used for maintenance purposes. This part of the project is costing 65,000 euros and the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, was there to watch the works begin on Tuesday.

The hospital will cost 375 million euros and is expected to open during the next legislature, which ends in 2026. It will be 270,000 square metres in size, including parking, and will have 810 rooms, 46 operating theatres, 66 ICU cubicles, 48 outpatient surgery units, 2,000 parking spaces and an area for teaching and research.

Juanma Moreno said this is a star project for the regional government. Watching the start of the works with him were the Junta’s spokesman Elías Bendodo and Health Minister Jesús Aguirre; Francisco de la Torre, the mayor of Malaga; Patricia Navarro, the regional delegate to Malaga; and Francisco Salado, the president of the Diputación de Malaga, which has ceded the land to the Junta for the hospital.